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Sunday, May 14, 2017

From Pot to Pope to Barry

In true Trumpian style,  I know that I bounce around a lot here on the Buzzyblog.  Yesterday a pot post, so as a followup to that, how about one today about the Pope and the Blessed Mother?  

Pope was in Fatima yesterday commemorating Mary's appearance to the 3 kids 100 years ago on 13 May 1917.  He canonized as saints two of the three kids. (The third one only died in 2005 and she is currently going thru the whole canonization process.  After seeing the visions, the first two kids died due to a flu epidemic that swept Spain.)
During her appearances to the kids , Mary supposedly gave them three predictions.  The first one dealt with World War I and the second with the rise of Communism.  However, the third prediction was kept a secret by the Vatican because it foretold an assassination of the Pope. 

After he was shot on 13 May 1981 and survived it, Pope John Paul II released the third prediction because he regarded it as being about him.   

On his radio show a few days ago, Glenn Beck featured an author who has written a book on Fatima, Pope John Paul and Ronald Reagan.  The author laid out the whole Fatima/Pope JP II connection(s.) 

He then went one step further and tied it all into Reagan's assassination attempt on 30 March 1981.  He noted that Reagan getting shot when he did somehow played a part in stopping Russia and their planned invasion of Poland. 

Sound confusing?  Yes, but worth checking out (click here.)  (Too, I wonder if your odds of having a prayer answered increase if you direct that prayer to a wanna-be-saint who is a miracle or two shy of making the grade?  Just a thought.)

Last appearance by the Manilow boy on the Buzzyblog - promise.

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