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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dons Abroad (Subtitle M.O.B.*)

Our world traveler President is set to stop in Italy in a day or two as part of his first trip overseas. 

Initially, I thought I would do something along the lines "Hope that while on travel overseas, Donnie can do like Tony famously once did and resist temptation."  Meaning "Hope Trump resists the urge to run off at the mouth and say something stupid like he usually does." 

The Tony/Sopranos' scene that I recalled seeing involved Tony visiting Naples to negotiate the price of providing his counterparts there with stolen cars.   I remember Tony declining sex with the mob lady boss he was selling the stolen cars to.  As seen in the video below, the lady propositions Tony but he declines with the classic line "I don't shit where I eat.  It's bad business."

That's what I was initially looking for regarding the Trumpster not giving into temptation.  

However, the video took on new relevance wrt Trump when Tony responded to the lady after she noted that he was his own worst enemy. As Tony notes at the 1:07 mark "Everybody is their own worst enemy." Think about that for a minute or two.  

Perhaps Melania should try and tell her Don that too.  Doubt that it would do any good but at least try and get him to not be so tempted.
*Money Over Bitches

This is a tune I never tire of hearing:

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