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Monday, May 8, 2017

Darsey's Country Store

Couple of East Texas fellas were in Buzzy's Country Store Saturday on their way back from visiting Pt. Lookout Lighthouse.  They  stated that they were here working on Base and were just doing some sightseeing.  One of them noted that Buzzy's reminded him of an old country store named Darsey's located in his hometown of Grapeland, Texas.  I asked him if it was still around and he said not as a country store anymore.  (I get that answer a lot when folks tell me about an old store that they grew up near.)

I did a little research on Darsey's and found that it has quite a storied history starting back in 1880 when George Darsey and his then partner John Foster opened for business (click here.)  Following photo's are from their website which is worth checking out.
Darsey eventually bought out Foster. The business has been in the Darsey family ever since.
Today they operate as a furniture store.
And speaking of a generational passing of the torch, here is a Mike and the Moonpies' tune  about something that Granddad and Dad passed along to the son.   Hint, it has to do with drinking beer and having fun.  Too,  it features some nice keyboard playing by Johnny Carbone:)

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