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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cake Inscriptions

My Previous post about how 33 may have ended up mistakenly on the Rolling Rock label reminded me of those Cake Inscriptions Gone Wrong stories you see. Here are a couple examples: Then there was this one:
A husband decided to surprise his wife with a birthday cake from the local bakery. “In the middle please print ‘Happy Birthday Ann,'” he instructed them over the phone. “Then, ‘you’re not getting older’ at the top and ‘you’re getting better’ at the bottom.”
When he went to pick it up, he discovered that they had decorated the cake with the words exactly as he had said them. “Happy Birthday Ann, you’re not getting older at the top, you’re getting better at the bottom.”
 For other examples (click here.)

The following cake photo was not a mistake but just a lame excuse to play some Rick Astley for you

His video has over 360 million views due to something known as "Rickrolling."

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