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Monday, April 17, 2017

Wisteria Mural?

Here is a nice little surprise I stumbled upon.  I am preparing a "Mural Post" wherein I want to show photos of and discuss various murals that are around the County.  The one that Joey Porter did for Joan and Chris got me wondering about other murals in the County and I began my quest by Binging "St. Mary's County Murals Photos."  I landed on this link (click here.)   If you scroll down a little you will see my 2015 Wisteria Photo included in the sample photos.

How or why this photo was included in this mural link is a mystery to me.  However, given the quality of some of the other photos included in the link, I'm a little sorry that they used this one as it is a clip from a video and not very good quality-wise.  (You can't even read the Buzzy sign and I think that's what pisses me the most!)

But back to my mural investigations, if you know of any murals that have caught your eye in your travels around the County, let me know so I can include them here on the Buzzyblog.  

As for internet info that I have learned of, there was recently a contest for a mural to be painted on the new Navy Air Museum (click here.)  Here is the winning entry.
Not Bad But Could Use a Little Color Don't You Think?
Also, I found this 2001 Washington Post article that mentions several murals in the County (click here.)  Gonna check these out and get to you.  Stay tuned.

No murals but lots of scenic backdrops in this Forever Country tribute video.

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