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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Speaking of transitions (previous post) with Steph and Shea marrying, Caitie and Brady expecting baby Blaise at the end of the month and both my daughters Ryan and Reagan considering new jobs, it got me thinking of life's various transitional moments. 

Transitions can either be good ones such as those examples I just mentioned or bad ones.  The good ones are often referred to as life-affirming events.  The bad ones are those shit storms of life that come your way every so often.    You know, something bad and unexpected like falling and breaking your hip.  (Don't know why that example came to my mind!)  Life changing events such as death, divorce or loss of a job are other examples of transitions that you'd just as soon not have to deal with.  But, deal you must.

Shrinks love transitions because they make a lot of money off of folks dealing with life changing events (click here.)  When doing transitions, all things are in a state of flux as comfortable routines are shattered and life is just a little tougher than it needs to be.  When you find yourself in a transitional moment, you pretty much have no options other than to keep on keeping on and just go though it.  But if you persevere and toughen it out, you will get through it.  

In yesterday's post I mentioned Deep Purple's Tokyo Woman rock song as one with a great transition in it.  This set me to thinking about other examples.   Here are a couple of my favorites - CSNY's Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Light My Fire, In the Air Tonight and the entire Side 2 of Abbey Road.  (Note that there are two sub-categories here - transitions within the same song and transitions to another song entirely.) 

For me, the all time best rock transition song belongs to Led Zeppelin with the switch at the 4:14 mark in the video below when they go from Heartbreaker to Livin Lovin Maid.

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