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Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria and China

Syria first bombs their own people so we respond by bombing them some more.  Go figure.

(Speaking of figures, each Tomahawk missile costs approximately $800,000, which means that the 60 or so bombs we let fly on them ran about $48 million (click here.)  Chump change right?  What if instead of bombing them, we had earmarked that $48 million in humanitarian foreign aid for the Syrian people instead?  Just a thought.)

With the Chinese President here visiting President Trump, I found this GDP ranking below to be a little bit of an eye opener.  All the talk of Russia and how, according to our President Trump, we need to have a better relationship with them, check out where Russia ranks in a listing of countries based on their GDP's.  (Note that South Korea ranks higher than Russia.)  Then check out China's ranking.  Think we ought to be working on that Chinese relationship a little more so good luck Donnie with all the wining and dining this weekend at Mar-a-Largo.

Also, note that the U.S. at Number 1 comprises 25% of the world's total GDP.  Combine that with the next 4 on the list, the EU, China, Japan and Germany's GDPs and you see that we five represent over 70% of the world's total GDP.  (Not sure if Germany's was doubled counted in the EU's but still you get my drift.)
I had just seen a clip of President Trump dining last night with the Chinese President when a few minutes later the breaking news disclosed the bombing of Syria per Trump's orders.  Reminded me of this West Wing scene where President Bartlett ordered the assassination of a foreign official while he and his staff attended a play.   (I think one of the Godfather movies had a similar scene but I was unable to locate it.)

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