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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Say, It Isn't So!

OK, fill in the blank "Beam me up _______!" 

If, like me, you said "Scotty" well, like me, you are incorrect.  As is the case with Bogart's "Play it again Sam" and "Me Tarzan, you Jane," "Beam Me Up, Scotty" is another of those lines that were never actually said (click here.)  "Beam me up Mr. Scott" is the correct saying.  (I know, again like me you find this tough to believe, and you are now going to spend the next 10 minutes Googling the hell out of it but trust me.)

Several folks attributed this to something called the Mandela Effect as in a belief in things that aren't correct.  The term originates from the popular belief that Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 80's when he actually died in 2013 several years after he was released from jail. 

The Mandela Effect has been in the news a lot of late as it has been mentioned in conjunction with President Trump's approach to things.  (Google "Trump Mandela Effect" and you'll see what I mean.)

For me, I never fell for the Mandela-is-dead rumor because of my previous attempt to hear him speak to a Joint Congress (click here.)  

However, I did have a conversation awhile back with a young lady who clearly exemplified the Mandela Effect.  Several years younger than me, she grew up near Buzzy's Country Store and was good friends with my younger sister Lila.  Awhile back she was in Buzzy's Country Store and as we reminisced, she recounted an incident wherein she and Lila saw me smoking out back in one of the sheds, informed Buzzy and he in turn whipped my butt.  "You were so mad at us" she said as I tried to tell her that it just wasn't true.  "I never smoked as a kid.  You're probably thinking of my brother Stevie."  But no matter how much I denied the story and tried to correct her, she was adamant that it was me and that I got a whipping for it.  (Buzzy used to use either his belt or a peach tree limb to discipline us, so I can recall pretty much every instance when that went down and me smoking was not one of those instances.)

As she left the Store, I just shook my head at how she believed so firmly, but so wrongly, what she believed.  Mandela Effect or not.  

Nice little Tracy Chapman song and video on the subject:

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