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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Opening Day

My apologies for not doing anything on baseball's opening day this past week.  With the Orioles and the Nationals both hosting home openers,  it was a great afternoon for fans like me to catch both games back to back on T-V.  And in both games our guys won.  That's a good day.

Baseball's opening day always makes me think of my Cousin Father John Ridgell who was not a sports-minded person at all.  And yet I once heard him give a wonderful sermon comparing opening day to Christ rising from the dead and giving us new life. He noted how on opening day we start over for the season ahead. Hopes are high and everything is possible on opening day. 

After Mass I complimented John on his remarks.  I told him that he sounded a little like baseball writer Tom Boswell who wrote the book titled Why Time Begins on Opening Day.

On opening day this past week I received this photo thru my phone with the message "Tailgating in a No Parking Zone at the Nationals season opener with beer and koozies from Buzzy's Country Store."
Left to right - Joe, Jeff, Gene, Dick and Robert
Robert had been in Buzzy's Saturday night buying a couple cases of beer and koozies for Monday's game. Thank you Robert for the business and the photo.

Going thru some old photo's I found this one below of Shea, Brady and Reagan when we did a baseball trip up the East Coast hitting 4 games in 4 days. This one was at Shea Stadium which is now Citifield Ball Park.
Mentioning Shea, he marries Stephanie today - now that's an opening day!  

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