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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Last Text While Driving

Here's a question for you - given the choice, which would you rather not encounter as you drive down the road - a driver who is drunk or a driver who is texting?  The overwhelming answer I get when I ask folks this in Buzzy's Country Store is "The texter because at least the drunk driver is trying to watch where he's going."

I heard a report that pedestrian deaths rose 11% last year (approx. 6,000 compared to drunk driver- related deaths of 10,000) due to the increase in texting both by the car drivers and the pedestrians not paying attention.  Won't be long before the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) will have to shift their focus and become MADAT - Mothers Against Driving and Texting.)

Here's my narrow miss texting story that has made me a non-texter while driving.

I was driving home one afternoon and had just entered the mile long straight stretch of road below Tall Timbers.  I did not see any cars ahead of nor behind me.  Thinking all was clear, I decided to text something to someone.  Of course I was looking down when I felt my vehicle start veering to the right and off the road.  I looked up just in time and there I was over on the shoulder and now bearing down on a pedestrian whom I had not seen when I did my initial scan of what was ahead.  

Fortunately for me, and the pedestrian, he was a couple feet over on the shoulder and I swerved left just in time to miss him - barely.  I may have even grazed his hand as I went by trying to get back on the road.  In my rear view mirror I saw him with eyes wide open and raising his arms as of to say "WTF?!"  Can't say as I blame him.  (Brought up my oft stated need for a universal sign of "I'm sorry."  Kind of an anti-finger where you tell the person you offended that you are sorry.)

So, after that close call (text?) I learned my lesson and accordingly, I do not text while driving.

Don't wanna leave you on a down note.  Count on Tom to always bring you up:

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