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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mac Gets Knifed

The other day someone in Buzzy's Country Store blamed Obama for allowing North Korea's Jong-un to become the nuclear nut job that he is.  (What doesn't Obama get blamed for?)  Someone else pointed out that it was actually President Truman who stopped General MacArthur from invading  North Korea and that he (Truman) is to blame since the same crazy Jong family has been in power ever since.

From my hazy memory of some American History class, I recalled some kind of kerfuffle between Truman and MacArthur which led to Mac's downfall but wasn't quite sure of the details.  I thought that because MacArthur had disagreed with Truman about attacking North Korea that that was why Truman fired him.  I was semi-correct but as always there was more to the story. This from Wikipedia:
Thus, it was info first gleaned from intelligence sources that ultimately led to MacArthur's being fired. 

A few weeks after being sacked, MacArthur addressed the Joint Session of Congress on 19 April and gave his "old soldiers never die" speech (To skip the lead in stuff, go the 7:00 mark in the video for the famous line:)

Try as I did, I could not locate anything that connected Buddy Holly's 1957 recording to MacArthur's famous quote.  Would have been cool though.

P.S. We currently have close to 30,000 Servicemen in South Korea.

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