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Monday, April 10, 2017

He Got His Dream Girl

At Stephanie and Shea's wedding Saturday, Best Man Brady summed things up very well in his toast when he noted that "Shea got his dream girl." 

And it was a dream wedding.  Stephanie and her bridesmaids were all very stunning and even Shea and his groomsmen looked good in their tuxes.

Father Paul Nguyen did a nice job performing the ceremony which was held at St. George's Catholic Church.
Three Ridgells and A Swann

Reagan Doing a Reading

Shea Being Congratulated by Raymond McNeal (Photo by Michele Nelson)
Their reception was held at nearby Mt. Olive where Donna and Danny O'Connor have converted their horse barn into an events facility.  Don't let the "horse barn" fool you, it's a great event site.   These photo's will give you some idea of how nice a facility it is.
Gary, Marion and Ed Being Introduced

Emma, Shawn and Lily Entering
Bridal Party Applauding Steph and Shea Entering
And did I say Party?  Well, yes it was.  Even my Mom, recovering from her broken ankle, got in on the action:
Mom and Regi On Dance Floor
Here are a couple other photo's.
Jennifer, Emma and Steph (Photo by Cathy Wright)

Ed and Lily

Dancing the Night Away
All in all it was a great affair.  Hats off to everyone who helped out and in particular to Stephanie and Shea for having such a great wedding.  Everything was very well organized.  The food and drinks were great.  And everyone had a good time.

As a former wedding photographer I have attended close to 300 some weddings in my time.   Having said that, this was one of the nicest weddings that I have ever witnessed.  Of course I am being a little biased here when I say this; but it won't be the first time I've ever been accused of being biased.

Shea told me that the DJ had asked him if playing Frank Sintara as an entry song for Pam and me would be ok.  Shea very wisely said "No, Dad doesn't do Frank." 

Instead of Frank, and thankfully so, the DJ played Celebration as our entry song. I would have preferred "It's Only Rock and Roll" but Celebration was not bad either.  Anything but Frank.  How old did that DJ think I am anyway?

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