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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wendi/Windy - It's All Up in the Air

And Money
I am not sure where I land on the whole Russia-Trump thing as suddenly it has become a partisan issue.  (I know, isn't everything nowadays?) 

Libs want a full bore investigation and ask why 10 days before the election FBI boss Comey felt compelled to note that they were re- investigating Hillary's email stuff but he never mentioned that they were also looking into Trump's Russia connections.  Conversely, folks on the Right think it's all much ado about nothing and want to move on. 

Like most things political, I'm somewhere in the middle on this one.  However, there is one factor in the whole Trump/Russia thing that does make me stop and ask "Now what's up with that?"

Something I have not seen too much mention made of involves Ivanka and her BFF Wendi Deng.  Supposedly it was Wendi who introduced Ivanka to her future husband Jared.  Also, Ivanka and Wendi are such close friends that they vacationed together last year.  So what you say?  Who is Wendi Deng?  Well, read the inscription on the last photo here.
That she went from Fox News owner Murdoch to Russia's Prime Minister Putin, it can be safely said that Wendi sure does get around (click here. Of course in those circles, women, like money, go round and round.

I am not implying that there is anything untoward nor criminal going on here, but as Bruce said "Sooner or later it all comes down to money."  Too, as they say in the mystery novels "Politics sure makes for some strange bedfellows" (or gals) doesn't it?

Good excuse to play this from the Association.

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