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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Softball Team Sponsors

Someone on Facebook posted the following photo of a shirt depicting Bars of St. Mary's that sponsored softball teams:
It is a pretty good collection of bars and I'm happy to note that most of them are still around.  From South County, we have Seaside View and the American Legion represented. 

While Buzzy's Country Store was not listed in this compilation, a little known fact is that at one time Buzzy sponsored the Ridge American Legion ball team.  Here are a couple photos John Carbone took last summer of Jimmy Yeatman wearing one of the old uniforms from back when Buzzy was the American Legion sponsor.  Jimmy's explanation was that the Legion at the time could not afford the uniforms and Buzzy being a Legionnaire became the ball team's sponsor.

In the 70's Buzzy was also the first sponsor of the Strugglers.  Later, the Struggler sponsorship expanded to include Triangle Motors and Jack's Shack.  Somewhere along the line Jack's Shack became the sole sponsor and Buzzy retired from the softball sponsorship business.

Speaking of bars, here's a video from Jason Aldean:

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