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Monday, March 6, 2017


Speaking of Governor Hogan, I was glad to see him declare emergency status for the opioid problem (click here.)  Nationally,  it seems that our politicos are doing their best Nero impersonations by talking about what the Russians did or didn't do, building walls, dismantling Obamacare, destroying ISIS etc. while the opioid epidemic consumes the country.   Maybe some of that proposed $54 billion for increased defense spending could be earmarked to fight this very REAL problem.  As is, it doesn't seem like the epidemic is getting much attention despite headlines like the following:
Locally in the County we have a methadone clinic in Callaway located behind the old Hewitts Lumber Store (click here.)  Early one morning Pam and I were heading up the road and I left my truck at the Weis Store there in Callaway.  As we left I saw two scrawny little white boys in hoodies hanging out in front of the Store.  Because they looked a little sketchy, I called Terri , who works at Weis and covers Thursday nights for me at Buzzy's Country Store and asked her to keep an eye on them and my truck.  Terri said, "You don't have to worry. They're just waiting for the STS bus because they've been over to the drug clinic and now they are heading back home."  I guess that's a good thing that we have a clinic to do that.  But still it seems like a band aid solution to a major problem.  Here's what Ray had to say about it:

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