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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Old Bay Country Store

My Mom is currently in Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home doing a rehab for her broken ankle and foot.  The other day I took her for a tour of the place.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the Old Bay Country Store that Chesapeake has recently opened up.  It is currently run by a resident of the home Don Buckler shown below with Mom.

As I got to talking with Don, I informed him that he and I had a lot in common because we both managed country stores.  When he asked me which store and I told him Buzzy's Country Store he lit up and said "I have a picture of my Dad drunk on the front porch of your dad's Store."  I told him that I would love to see the photo and sure enough, a few days later Don gave me this copy below.  He had no problems with me posting it here on the Buzzyblog.

Don and Mom in the Old Bay Country Store
Couple observations about the photo.  The old wooden porch floor is shown.  It was eventually removed and replaced with concrete flooring.  The open door to the right of the photo was to a storage room that was eventually removed.  On the entry wall to the store are the signs "Hunting License Sold Here" and Notary Public."  These are the signs that Mary Lou Troutman included in her painting.  Although the signs, the doors and the flooring shown in the photo are long gone, the post that Mr. Buckler is clinging to is still there.

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