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Friday, March 17, 2017

Moving on St. Patrick's Day

March 79 and Yes I Had a Pea Green VW Van
I moved to Piney Point on a Saturday 17 March 1979 and for some crazy reason decided to get the new place off to a good start by having have a St. Paddy's Day party later that evening.  Not good planning even for a Ridge boy, but any excuse for a party right?
Some of My Move Crew - Jerry Taylor, John Garner, Larry Crum, Pat Browne
The going in theory was that we would move everything during the day, get semi-settled and then party thru the evening.  Somewhere along the line day turned into evening, we never got settled and next thing you know there is a house full of folks and the party is on. 

But it was all good because my family and friends, most of whom had helped me move during the day, were all there and we had a good time until I went to turn on the furnace.
Bill Raftery, Pat Browne, Larry Crum, Me (Pissed)
This photo above says it all as to how I felt at the time.  Moments before I had turned on the furnace and I remember Buzzy coming up to me and saying "You better turn that furnace off because I smell fuel oil."  Everyone else smelt it too.  (Turns out that the furnace had a crack in the firewall and couldn't be used.  I wasn't aware of this problem because the house electricity had only been turned on the day before and I wasnt able to check everything out before settlement.  It was the first time I heard the term Caveat Emptor.)  

But, as stated, it was all good.  There were so many people in the place that body heat alone along with some booze kept everyone comfortable.  It was a great party and first night in the Point.

Eventually we got settled and the realtor made good on the furnace repair/replacement and thirty eight years later I'm still here.  Some year in the future I may just have to have another St. Patrick's Day party only this time one that does not involve a move.  And speaking of moving.....

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