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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

John Fogerty - Fortunate Son

Sitting around the hospital here with Mom, I read John Fogerty's Fortunate Son memoir.  Early on he discusses growing up with his 4 brothers in El Cerrito, California and how his parents took them on vacation each summer.  

"Some of my happiest memories are of Putah Creek.  It was a wild creek up near Winters, in Northern California - "going to Winters," my family called it, and every summer we went..... Putah was a picturesque, slow-moving little creek.  We stayed in a small cabin....Once in a while my dad would go with us into the actual town of Winters.  There was a little grocery store owned by this one family that owned the liquor store and the gas station too.  My dad would give me a dime or a nickel to get a soda, usually a Nehi Orange.  Or a cream soda. Or lemon lime.  Boy I looked forward to Putah Creek."

Putah Creek would become the inspiration for Fogerty's Green River which I have mentioned previously (click here.)

Countless times in Buzzy's Country Store people will tell me something similar about a country store that they remember from their childhoods.  Many times some of the folks are returnees to the Store who tell stories of when they were young kids camping with their folks at Pt. Lookout.
Several years ago when Buzzy was still around, I was in the Store and a camper from Pt. Lookout came in with his young daughter.  As he entered the Store and saw Buzzy behind the counter, the camper said to his daughter "See honey, the old man is still here just like he was when I was a kid your age and used to come in here when we were camping."  

Got to play this after mentioning it.  (The line "if you get lost, come on home to Green River" (1:50 mark) always makes me feel a little better.)

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