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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Country Clubs

Here is a look at an old country store/bar that used to be around - The Country Club in Valley Lee (below.)
I'm betting that most of you do not recognize it as The Country Club, run by Gough Tippett, but when I say the following you will - The Pink Elephant operated by Hilda Mowery.  It was located in Valley Lee right on the corner adjacent to the Valley Lee Firehouse.

Regarding The Country Club, Frankie Tippett had a couple of posts on You Know You Are From St. Mary's as follows:
Frankie then talks about Gough running the Country Club.

Several folks commented with memories and stories of The Country Club.
Here is a little bit of trivia for you - how was the country club in the movie Caddyshack related to St. Mary's County?  Watch the following video closely and you will see (00:36 mark:)

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