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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Buzzy Behind the Door

At Chesapeake Nursing Home with Mom, I visited the area where they have posted the plaques of folks who have been selected into their Hall of Fame.  Buzzy was inducted when he was a resident there in 2008.  (I've discussed this in a couple of previous posts (click here) (click here.))

When I found his plaque, I was a little disappointed because it is situated on a wall concealed mostly behind a door that is kept permanently open.  My first thought was "I got to say something to someone to get him relocated to a more visible spot."

But then I recalled Bart once telling me that he did not particularly like the photo of Buzzy on that plaque.  (I had a copy of the plaque up on a wall in the Store.)  Bart told me "That's not the Buzzy I remember.  He doesn't look like himself in that picture."  Bart then walked over to the Buzzy photo on the Store chimney and said "This is the Buzzy I remember - has his hat on and is smiling like he doesn't give a shit.  That's the Buzzy I remember."

Per Bart's input, the Hall of Fame Buzzy plaque will remain where it is at Chesapeake Nursing Home behind the door.  As for my copy at the Store I have long since taken it down and stashed it in a corner.

With all my talking about a door, this video seems appropriate:

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