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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ars Artis (Or Something Like That)

Today in 1990 saw the theft of over $500 million in art paintings from a Boston museum:
Conclusion - up that reward offer some and they may get some nibbles.

While Mom was in St. Mary's Hospital and later on the Chesapeake Nursing Home, I would have to leave the room whenever the nurses and staff came in to change her or help her go the bathroom.  Thus, I spent a lot of time in the hall studying the paintings on the wall outside her room.  Fortunately for me they were nice paintings.  This first one was in St. Mary's Hospital:
Swings by Maurice Pendergast
This Monet was outside her nursing home room:

When I get a chance I am going to write the Hospital and Nursing Home and suggest that they get some Mary Lou Troutman's on their walls such as this one:
Nice little video here featuring the song Return by Jennifer Goodenberger.  Warning - it will relax and may even put you to sleep:

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