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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Good Weather = Good business

On Thursdays I usually scan the weather forecast to see what kind of weekend we can expect.  Business-wise I can pretty much tell what the upcoming weekend will bring based on what kind of mood Mother Nature is in. 

Going into last weekend with a forecast of unseasonably nice weather for February, I felt fairly sure that it would be a good weekend and that several folks would be out and about.  Turns out that it was not only a good weekend at Buzzy's Country Store but a great one. 

It began early Friday afternoon with Katie Van Ryswk (center in front of YT) and her friends doing a get away weekend at one of Peggy's places.  When they rolled into Buzzy's early Friday afternoon they made it very clear that they were here for the party.  And party they did.
After the above photo was taken and got posted on Facebook, a few minutes later my son Shea called me from his workplace.  He told me that one of his coworkers had seen the pic and said "There's a photo of your Dad at Buzzy's with a bunch of good looking women.  Think I'll ride down there."

Of course a little later in the afternoon Charlie Simms, that horn dog that he is, couldn't let me share in all this by myself so he got into the photo act too.  (Note all of the ladies now wearing Buzzy hats.  I don't sell many Buzzy hats in February but I did Friday thanks to Katie and her crew.)
Then Saturday with the weather continuing to be very nice, several folks rolled into Buzzy's on their bikes and in their classic cars and trucks.  TJ Boothe led the way with his bright yellow Z as shown here.
Then Sunday another round of cars, trucks and bikes rolled into the parking lot.  Couple more weekends like that and I may even be able to afford one of those classic vehicles.
And since I mentioned it, here's the here for the party song:

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