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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flowers for Me

Valentine's Day and of course flowers are the order of the day.  Reminds me of something that occurred while I was in the hospital with my hip injury.  I received flowers from three ladies!  That's never happened to me before.

First, Linda Lepper and her sister Joan sent me a very nice arrangement of flowers that looked a whole lot better than this so-so photo I took of it.  (I'll blame the Percocet for my not taking a better photo of the arrangement that also includes my pink bed pan next to it.) 

And later in the day Janet Whitt dropped in to visit and present me with a very nice poinsettia which became part of our Christmas décor once I got back home.  My thanks to Linda, Joan and Janet for their thoughtfulness.  (Depresses me to think that the next time I get flowers, I probably won't be around to thank the donors.)

Remember the movie Charly where Cliff Robertson won an Academy Award?  It was based on the novel Flowers for Algernon which explains my title above.  (Just in case you were wondering why I cited a movie about a moron who became very smart only to regress at the end of the flick!)

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