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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Weather

Based on how warm the weather has been, I had planned for today's Buzzyblog to be along the lines "Man this sure has been a nice February; sorry to see it go"
(For related Washington Post story click here.)  In fact, a couple times this month I was about to post something along those lines but held off because I knew that as soon as I did so we would get slammed with several inches of snow and freezing weather.  But today's forecast looks like we've made it.  (That's as close to a Barry Manilow reference as I'll ever get.)

So that was Plan A for today.  But in true keeping with the old saying Man plans, God laughs, I have more than weather on my mind right now.  You see my Mom fell in her house Sunday morning getting up from a chair and broke a bone in her left foot while breaking her right ankle in three places.  She was operated on Sunday night to repair the ankle and is recovering from the churn.  As patients go, let's just say that Mom is not in Billboard's Top Forty.  Plus, she's 85 years old and isn't learning any new coping skills at this point in her life.

Today the hospital folks are going to try and have her get out of bed to see if she is ambulatory enough to be discharged to a  nursing home where she will undergo additional physical therapy.  Of course, she just wants to go back to her house and not have anything at all to do with the nursing home business.

On the plus side though, despite being heavily medicated with pain killers, she still has her sense of humor.   For instance, at one point in her ruminations about her accident she commented "At least I did this before the Republicans take away all of my health care."  

When I rolled into her house Sunday morning and she was on her bedroom floor, one of the first things she said was "I've fallen and can't get up."  At least Madonna bounced back here.  Here's hoping that my Mom bounces back too.

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