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Monday, February 27, 2017

A Bridge Too Long (To Get Done)

In mid January of this year, the road crew working on the Hermanville Bridge replacement were installing guard rails and sod on either side of the approaches to the bridge.  I recall thinking at the time "Oh good they're about to finish this."
I feel "connected" to the Hermanville Bridge construction project because of the following.
As the Ridge Rescue Squad folks loaded me into the ambulance following my fall and broken hip back in November, the driver Boyd Loflin informed me "I'll give you a little warning and take it easy when we go over the bridge."  Thinking he was talking about the Solomons Bridge I asked him if he was taking me to Prince Frederick Hospital.  Boyd said "No we were going to St. Mary's."  I asked him "What bridge are you talking about?"  (Bear in mind that I travel that route twice a day.)  Boyd said "The one at old Hermanville Road."  Today, whenever I pass over the bridge and its very mild bump, I am reminded of my ambulance ride to Leonardtown.

Why the project has taken so long is a good question.  This is from an article that ran in Southern Maryland News:
Note that it states the estimated completion was "spring 2016 weather permitting" (click here.)  Weather's been nice but for several weeks now nothing has been done on completing the bridge.  Bout time to finish this bad boy wouldn't you think?

Ever notice how most songs about bridges are downers e.g. Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Ode to Billie Joe, Under the Bridge (click here.)  (And please don't try and sell me on 59th Street Bridge (Feeling Groovy) da-da-da-da-da crap because I have that one in my songs-you'll-have-to-listen-to-in-hell-repeatedly category.)

Here however is an upbeat/good song with an opening line reference to the Bridge of Sighs:

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