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Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Rocking" Around the Christmas Tree

Did you see the story about a Walkersville, Maryland boy who had a surprise visitor with designs on banging the Christmas tree (click here for story and video,)
Full disclosure here - I am completely clueless when it comes to anything to do with deer.  I admit this even after having sat thru endless hours of erudite conversations from the many deer slayers who hang out at Buzzy's Country Store.  Bottom line, I don't pretend to know crap about deer nor what makes them tick.

That said however, I don't really want to know anything about a species that would break into a house because the female's urine scent on a tree compelled it to do so.  Know what I mean? 

Oh, but when they are in rut, they will do anything the experts all say.  To which I add, another good reason to just wipe them (the deer not the experts) out completely.  They may be fun to hunt, but what else are deer good for?  Grant you Santa puts them to good use, but isn't he way overdue for a transportation upgrade?  (Why not give him the old Air Force One?)

I'm thinking that deer are nothing more than rats with hooves responsible for the spread of lyme disease, car accidents, and the destruction of  plants and crops.  Throw into the mix them doing stupid stuff above like breaking into a house just to try and fuck a Christmas tree and my point is made - these misbegot beings have got to go.   

Hey Donald, instead of wasting time and money building a wall or trying to bar Muslim immigrants, here is something that you could actually get done - issue an Executive Order directing that all the deer be killed immediately.  Make America deer free!

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