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Friday, December 9, 2016

Home on the Range

Convalescing and nothing to do?  Give me a western to watch and I'll be ok.  Hells bells, I have even taken to re-watching Bonanza re-runs on TVLand just to get a fix.  The other day Hoss got taken in by Zsa Zsa playing a gypsy who made him think that he is a master violinist.  Honest, I'm not kidding.  Here is the episode  (click here .)
But this past Wednesday night on AMC, I did manage to catch a great western starring Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner - Open Range.  There was a country store scene in it that is worth watching here at the 1:31 mark.  (The scene points out a feature of old country stores that has the clerk standing behind the counter and getting the customers' goods for them.  That's why in a true country store you walk to a counter at the back of the Store to order and buy things.  As stores grew and evolved thru the years of course, the checkout point then moved to the front of the store near the doorway.)  

Did you know that the Bonanza theme song had lyrics to it?  Check this out:

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