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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Most decals and bumper stickers are usually fairly obvious.  For instance, Buzzy's Country Store decals (above) are pretty straightforward as to what they are all about.  Then, there is this very obvious one that I ordered the other day to put on my truck:
However, there is a quasi-trend that I've noticed where the vehicle decals are indicative of something that is not so obvious.  On the way to my hip PT the other, I rolled up on this decal- sporting vehicle and had no idea what they were signifying with  the 13.1 and the 26.2 decals.  While at the traffic light, I tried to puzzle my way thru the fact that the one decal doubled the other exactly.  So I'm thinking it is something mathematical.  

A Google later, it turns out that these were "accomplishment" decals in that the vehicle's operator is letting it be known that he/she had successfully completed both a 13.1 and a 26.2 marathon race (click here.)
Perhaps I should come up with a mysteriously vague Buzzy sticker that only Buzzy friends would recognize.  I'm open for suggestions if any of you have any ideas.  (I think 666 however has already been taken.)

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