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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Better Take Care

As a follow up to Gordon Lightfoot, I must confess that his Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is not in my list of favorite songs.  It is just too plodding, too long and too depressing to move me much.  Hence, I have it in my Don't Touch the Dial category of music.  That means that I don't touch the dial to turn the channel when it comes on because I don't dislike it enough to avoid it  but conversely, I don't touch the dial to turn the volume up on it neither.  It's just a so-so song.

On the other hand, Lightfoot's Sundown does get it done for me and I always raise the volume on it when it is played.  First off I like the whole "FU" nature of the song and how the narrator is about to kick some ass over his two-timing lover even if he knows it's not worth his effort to do so.  Then, the whole drug reference about "feeling better when I'm feeling no pain" just seals the deal for me. 

I didn't know until now that Lightfoot wrote Sundown about his then foot loose girl friend Cathy Smith.  Cathy was Levon Helm's/The Band's girlfriend before Gordon and ultimately  was the one who overdosed John Belushi causing him to punch out.  Cathy sure got around didn't she?  Gordon admits today that Sundown was about the one woman in his life who hurt him the most (click here.)  Now there is an exercise I may have to pass on - which woman in your life has hurt you the most?   Some people claim there's a woman to blame but I know.......

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