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Thursday, December 22, 2016


Bob Wright made me a CD compilation of great guitar instrumentals.  (Think Wipeout, Pipeline, Rumble, Walk Don't Run, Rebel Rouser etc.)  As I listened to the CD, I recognized many T-V-related tunes that were also included such as the commercial No Matter What Shape Your Stomach is In, and theme songs from shows such as Batman, Hawaii Five O, Twilight Zone, Peter Gunn, Rawhide etc..

 When I am in the Store mucking around with the books and doing accounting stuff,  I usually listen to instrumental music as it puts me where I need to be.  Plus, the added advantage is that there are no lyrics to distract my easily distractable mind.  Like Jethro Clampett, I need all of the concentration I can muster when I am doing my ciphering.  (The old accounting rule of thumb comes to mind - if what is in the left column is not right, nothing in the right column will be left.) 

Having said all that, the other day a jazz instrumental played and while I recognized it, I could not place it.  So I checked it out and learned that its title was Angela and that it was the theme song from Taxi (Click here.)

Angela was not the original selection for the Taxi theme song but was designated so after being played on the third episode.  Everyone associated with the show, felt that Angela was a better than the original Bob James offering Touchdown:
Lots of great scenes from Taxi but I managed to find this "highlight" that had its moments:

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