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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Chairitable Tale

Funny how things go around and come around.  Several years ago Mom and Dad gave me this nice engraved chair as a present in recognition of my graduating from St. Mary's College in 1975.  Buzzy's words to me at the time were something along the lines "I've never paid that much for a chair before so if you want any matching ones you're on your own."
I stashed the chair in my upstairs office area at home but never really used it until my recent accident/hip replacement.  One of my Doctor' directions was to sit only in upright, hard backed chairs.  Thus, I began using the College chair as I puttered around on the laptop. 

Guess what?  It has worked out so well that I have now changed my whole routine from using my laid-back-bad-for-my-posture-chair to using the Buzzy-Jean college model full time.  Even when fully recovered I plan to continue using it.  Somewhere I hope Buzzy is smiling over the fact that I am finally getting some usage out of his and Mom's expensive present to me.
OK, now that I have all that Strait.....

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