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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Party Night at Buzzy's

Like most business owners, I wish I knew just what draws people into my place on any given day or night.  As Bruce Price noted on his recent birthday party at Buzzy's the other night "I've been coming to Buzzy's for years now and I never know just what is going to be going on until I walk in the door.  And even then I'm not sure."
While I know fairly well that special events like birthday parties, the Car Show and Polock's Kareoke nights will always bring folks out, otherwise it is always a pleasant surprise for me when a crowd of folks hit the Store and a full fledged party breaks out.  Can't explain it and it just sort of happens.

When I first took over Buzzy's back in 07, my going-in plan was to try and have some special event on a monthly basis.  However, after doing so for awhile I soon found that I worried too much about it both before and during the event.  Before the event, I worried about everything from the weather, to having enough food, to making sure I had enough stock on hand etc..  Then, during the event I worried about things like parking, people having a safe and a good time, and everything in general.  I soon found that at this point in my life, the stress wasn't worth it and accordingly scaled way back on the special events. 

So it always comes as a pleasant surprise to me when an unplanned rock n roll night goes down successfully at Buzzy's.  Still, I can't predict it but some reasons do come to mind.  For instance, the weather can have something to do with it because when it's nice outside, people want to be out and about.  However, that theory doesn't always hold up because a snowy day is still one of Buzzy's better days.  (During some snow storms, Buzzy's is the only place open so it's not too hard to figure out why folks come down.  Too, Ridge boys take it as a challenge to dig out and then congregate with friends to talk about it.)

Sometimes, external/national events make people want to be out with other people.  I remember after Bin Laden was killed, that Monday Buzzy's was full with folks in a celebratory mood. (I even did a post about it (click here.))  National tragedies like 9/11, shootings, hurricanes are all good for business in a morbid kind of way because people want to be around other people and talk about it.  However, I can never tell for sure just what issue will or won't cause an uptick in folks walking thru the front door. 

However, I do know of one commonality that is consistently true - people draw people.  This is why many bars and places of business will park cars in front of their place to make it appear that there are more people in their place and thus draw others in. 

But the other part of this dynamic is that certain kinds of people are just more fun to be around and hence they make others want to hang out with them and drink another beer or two.  Fortunately, I have several such folks who are in Buzzy's many times a week.  Other folks, such as the aforementioned Bruce, may only drop in occasionally but when they do, it's a full on party because people like catching up with them.. 

Regardless of the why's, I am just grateful for the support from all folks in keeping Buzzy's a great place to relax and party in a laid back, drama free environment.  Thank you all and as they say in the rooms -keep coming back!
Last Friday at Buzzy's - Photo by Rachel Miller
Mark's B'day Party a Couple Weeks Ago
Lots of bar party songs to choose from but I think of this one every time I hear someone in Buzzy's say "I love this place" (usually after I ring the bell for a round having been bought.)

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