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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November - Gooniegoogoo

November we eat right?  It culminates of course with the big chow down aka Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November.  However, don't forget about the first Thursday of November when we celebrate something called National Men Make Dinner Day. 

I kid you not.  A Canadian lady named Sandy Sharkey came up with it in 1998 and even has a website devoted to it (click here.) Here too is another article discussing it (click here)  and even has the following suggestions:

Birthday-wise we got a lot of 'em to celebrate this month:

John Carbone on 2 November, John "Busser" Eaker on the 4th and Wes Demko on the 5th.  Darlene Madjeski and Jamie Cross on the 8th, John Porter the 9th, Sharon Barnhill the 12th, Harry Wheatley and Wade Norris 14th, Joe Stone 16 November, John Wayne Raley, Warren Burke and Tommy Courtney the 20th, Mary Lou Cullison and Mike Raley the 23rd,  my niece Katie (Taylor) Allen on the 25th.  Closing out the month, Bobby Cook and Bubba Cullison celebrate on the 30th.  Also, remember that 10 November is the Marine Corps birthday.  Semper Fidelis! 

Speaking of eating, cooking out and having the family over for dinner, remember Eddie's Uncle Gus and Aunt Bunny:

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