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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Maybe They Will Be Called Hair Saloons

Several folks have mentioned seeing The Baynet article discussing the Alcohol Beverage Board's awards ceremony that recognized Buzzy's Country Store as one of 28 responsible retailers.

Proving that any publicity is good publicity, it was a nice gesture by the Alcohol Board and I appreciate it.  However, in the bigger scheme of things it just means that we didn't get popped when they did one of their stings to see if irresponsible retailers sold alcohol or cigarettes to underage folks.  Still I appreciate the recognition.

Of more interest though, if you read  on in the article you will see a discussion about allowing hair salons and art shops to sell alcohol to their clientele. 

At a recent meeting of the License Beverage Association we discussed the issue and the general consensus came down on being against it.  I personally don't care if this is permitted as long as the folks wanting to do it have to go thru the same licensing process laid on the rest of us. However, at the meeting the camel-in-the-tent sentiment was voiced that if you start letting these businesses sell liquor what about bookstores, hardware stores etc. who then want to do so?  So stayed tuned.  (Montgomery County has already approved similar legislation (click here.)

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