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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Front page of Wednesday's Enterprise has a photo of me standing in line to vote.  Jason Babcock took the photo as part of his story about early voting in the County.   (Jason was also trying to clarify and correct a story started by some wacko woman in a video alleging that her votes had been switched.  The video went viral and not only made her look like a first class idiot but also made the County look more rednecky and ignorant than we really are.)

But back to being on the front page, it reminded me of my small role 20 years ago in a previous front page Enterprise story about voting.

I was still working on Base in 1996 when the cleaning lady Maria would made her daily rounds.  She would tell me about her efforts to become a U.S. citizen and was very proud when she finally did so after several months of studying and working towards it.  

Once she had obtained her citizenship, Maria was very excited about voting for the first time.  "I will be there when the doors open tomorrow morning," she proclaimed.  I called my friend Rick Boyd at the Enterprise and told him that this might make for a good human interest story.  (If you click on the link below the article below you will see the entire front page of the paper and may even recognize another familiar name in the headlines.  Hint - she's related to me - even if she doesn't like to admit it.)  

Here then is the Paul Leibe story that appeared on the Enterprise's post-election front page on 6 Nov 1996. 
Enterprise 6 Nov 96

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