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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Home - Only One Place Left I Want to Go

Saw the following quote I don't know as I agree with but it did make me think:  Home is a secret world that closes its doors in your absence and never lets you find it again.  (From a novel by Stephanie Bishop.) 

As stated, not sure I necessarily agree with that, but then again Thomas Wolfe popularized that sentiment when he wrote You Can Never Go Home Again.  Conversely, I have also read somewhere that home is the most powerful and universal word in the world.  It resonates pretty much the same to everyone. 

When puttering round the apartments and areas above and behind the Store, I sometimes get little tingles and feelings that I really am home again.  A memory will rush in as I crawl about the nooks and crannies I prowled as a kid.  I smile when I recall hiding in such places.  In what used to be my old bedroom I see the sun still shining thru the east window and suddenly I feel like I am a kid again basking in it's warm glow.  It's a good feeling.

Outside in the back yard, I recall  playing cowboys and Indians with my brother Steve.  Moving about the fields and woods today around the Store, I think back to the two us playing ball, hide and seek and running around free and easy without any cares.  I smile when I see the old walnut tree that we use to climb and built a fort in.  (That tree is now dying and needs to come down but for sentimental reasons, I just can't pull the trigger to have it done.)   

The Store itself on the other hand brings up a whole different set of childhood memories for me.  Of course, it still feels like home but not as much as the back living areas where I slept and dined and played.  Key word here is played. 

I recall that for the most part, as kids Stevie and I stayed out of the Store as much as possible because being in there meant being put to work.  Buzzy was a long time proponent of the "if you can lean, you can clean" school of management long before McDonald's Ray Kroc adopted that for his employees.   Time in the Store, meant time that you were put to working.  The hanging out and shooting the breeze stuff would come later.

However, the bulk of my childhood memories of being in the Store are summed up in something I often repeat to folks:  "When I was a kid growing up in this Store, I had 3 jobs - sweep the floor, take out the trash and stock the shelves.  Here I am 65 years old and I am still doing those 3 things.  How far have I really come?" 

When at the Store these days and things begin to bring me down such as talk of politics or petty b.s.,  all I have to do is walk out back and take a look around.  The sights, the sounds the smell of home take me back to where I need to be - 7 years old and nary a care in the world.  Who says you can't go home?

Couple songs about this for you:

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