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Friday, November 4, 2016

Hell or High Water

I recently saw the movie Hell or High Water a worthwhile flick about two brothers robbing banks in West Texas to stave off foreclosure on their family ranch.  A reverse mortgage payment due is the reason for the foreclosure.  Hence, the brothers come up with the idea of robbing the bank that holds their loan so they can repay the bank.    Jeff Bridges plays the role of an old Texas ranger trying to track down the two brothers.

The term "hell or high water" pertains to a contract clause that stipulates payment must be made regardless of circumstances (click here.)

Reminded me of when I first took over the Store from Buzzy and I was looking thru his black book of tenant rent payments.  I noticed that one his tenants had had a period of time where he did not make any rent payments for several months.  I asked Buzzy what was up and he said that the tenant was in jail during that time.  "You let him slide?" I asked.  Buzzy replied "Yeah, I cut him a break because he couldn't have paid it anyway."

In the movie Hell or High Water, the banks weren't as understanding and forgiving as was Buzzy.

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