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Monday, November 14, 2016

Havana Moon

All this talk of the Super Moon makes me wonder if the Stones timed the release of their Havana Moon DVD to coincide with that.  The DVD was released Friday and portrays their Good Friday concert in Cuba earlier this year (Click here for related story.)  Couple items in the article put things in their proper perspective.  For instance, it was reported that the Pope and the Vatican weighed in and suggested that the Stones should not be playing the gig on Good Friday.  Obviously that input received no sympathy from the boys.  A second item noted that President Obama visited Cuba a day or two before the concert and sparked the headlines "Obama opening act for Rolling Stones." 

Great video below from the DVD here featuring an extended version of Brown Sugar.  You know they have played it a billzion times but you can't tell it from seeing this extended version.  Also, seeing 70 year old dudes still rocking on stage and not in a chair is kinda cool. 

Case you never knew it, the Brown Sugar lyrics are not talking about sugar for your coffee or tea.  In a nod to political correctness though, Jagger changes the original lyric "Hear him whipping the women just around midnight" to "You should have seen him just around midnight"  (00:40 mark in video.)  Good Friday - who cares?  Whipping women? OK, let's change that.

Dollar bet that at the end of the song you can not not say "Woo."


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