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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Food - Pt. 3: Eatin Good in the Hood

College basketball season runs from October to March when their Road to the Final Four tournament commences as a part of March Madness. 

Keeping with my food theme of this week, here then is a little variation on that college basketball thing titled Road to the Final Fork featuring food competitions.  Fun little waste of time.  And similar to the day-after-Selection-Sunday-back-and-forth over who did or did not get into the tournament, this list also generates controversy as in - Where is all the seafood?
Looking over the entries you will note that whereas they have included food items such as breakfast cereal and pancakes, there are only a couple of seafood entries as in Clam Chowder and sushi.  I guess the rationale is that some people don't eat seafood.  But with only these two seafood entries in the entire competition, we know that this is a bogus exercise.  Sushi!?  Spare me.

In fact, here in the County we could have a Sweet 16 competition grouping of our local foods alone that would top anything I see on the above list.  (OK, perhaps the Mac and Cheese and maybe the Baby Back Ribs might pull an upset somewhere along the line and go deep in my Final Fork Tournament but that's about it.)

However, none of the entries on the Final Fork list could ever beat out any of our local powerhouses.  Just crabs alone would beat out any item listed - as in Steamed Crabs, Softshells, Crab Imperial, Crab Soup and of course Crab Cakes.  The crabs would have narrowly beaten out Smoked Blue Fish, Broiled Rock Fish, Fried/Steamed/Rockefeller Oysters, etc..  Then for good measure we include Stuffed and Old Ham in the competition also.  Tough Final Fork Tournament to predict wouldn't you say?  

Although deserts were not included on the list, Maryland has become famous for its Smith Island Seven Layer Cake.  The T-V show Sunday Morning just did a piece on it (click here.)

So fill out your Final Fork brackets but don't forget to include some seafood!

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