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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Food - Pt. 2: Eat a Moose

Sunday before last we had a Wild Game Day luncheon at Buzzy's Country Store.  Kevin Adkins brought in some Moose Chili.  Clyde Ridgell brought in some Squirrel Soup and Duck Stew.  (Squirrel and Moose, I told folks we had the Rocky and Bullwinkle Special of the Day.)  It was all very tasty and no - none of the entrees  tasted like chicken

Kevin shot 800 pound Bullwinkle (left) up in Maine last month when he was there visiting family.  This was a big deal as Maine holds an annual lottery to determine who will be permitted to hunt moose.  As Kevin noted, his cousin had been on the waiting list for several years just to get a chance to hunt moose. In 2016 only 2,140 moose permits were issued.  

Maine's Dept. of Wildlife even awards bonus points to folks who have waited the longest to obtain a permit.  (Their ranking system goes up to 36 years which leads me to ask - if you are an applicant and you have not won a permit after applying for it for 25-30 years, what's it going to take for you to realize that you just ain't destined to get one?!)   Here is their chart:
Kevin took several Buzzy hats with him to Maine and put them to good use when he grabbed the following photo of Bullwinkle.

Neither Dick's Sporting Goods nor the Bass Pro Shop has any kind of advertising like that!

Back to my food theme though, I could not really discern too much difference in how the moose tasted with it being in the chili but it was very good.  The duck was also very good but I passed on the squirrel.  Sorry Rocky, but you look and act too much like a rat for me to want digest you.   

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