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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

CMA's/World Series

Last week's Country Music Awards were up against the Cubs-Indians 7th game of the World Series so it made for a remote control switching and flipping night.  There was some post-CMA churn over whether or not Beyonce should have been there (click here.)  I have no problem with Beyonce being there but my bigger question was - why were the Dixie Chicks there?!  Ugh!  

Also, Dolly receives the Willie Nelson Lifetime Award  and that's cool but where's Willie to present it to her?  Seems that Willie was busy appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show pushing his book and Crown Royal.  Like he needs the money.

Also, with all of the Country Music biggies there, notably absent was the Covel boy as in Tobey Keith.  (His last name is Covel - Google it if you doubt me.)  Whereas I couldn't find anything on Willie's absence other than he was on Kimmel, evidently Toby has a long standing gripe with the CMA's and that is why he wasn't anywhere to be seen (click here.) 

I don't have too many Country Music folks in my record machine but Toby is in there a couple of times.   Here then is a nice little song of his that I can relate to by substituting John Nelson's Texaco Station for White Rose.  Listen and you will know why I like it like I do.

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