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Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Was in a Ridge State of Mind

Heard this Billy Joel and Barbara Streisand tune the other day and it brought some memories.  (Guilty pleasure confession time from an old rock n roller who at one time in my life would never have owned up to such  thing - I've always kind of liked the Funny Girl and her stuff both her movies and her music.  And yes I do actually own a disc or two of hers.)

But when I think of Barbara, I always think back to Fred Smith who was married to my first Civil Service boss Aileen Smith.  I worked night shift as a Supply Clerk at what was then Flight Test on Base.  On Friday nights Aileen would call me up around 9 o'clock and ask how things were going.  I learned very quickly to always tell her that things were slow because she would then say "Well, close up and stop by for a drink on your way home."  (Aileen and Fred lived in Dameron and I lived in Ridge so it was on my way home.)

By the time I rolled into Aileen's and Fred's however, they were both feeling pretty good.  Their Friday night routine consisted of knocking back a bottle of Jack Daniels so by 9/10 o'clock in the evening they were not feeling any pain.

Aileen would talk shop about the folks we worked with, who she liked and who she didn't like.  She did not mince any words.  (They may have been slurred words but they weren't minced.) 

Fred on the other hand would get very melancholy, put on the Streisand records and sit back only to say every once in awhile "That girl sure can sing."  At the time of course I was into Jimi and Janis, the Stones and the Beatles and Barbara was not in the rotation at all for me.  (In fact, I regarded that people-who-need-people-song of hers as one of the dumbest songs ever written.) 

But I would agree with Fred that Babs could sing when secretly I was calculating how long I had to stay there to be cordial for Aileen having let me off early and ultimately all I wanted to do was skedaddle

Last time I saw and talked to Aileen and Fred was at the Shah Building.  Wish that I had stayed more in touch with them than I did thru the years.


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