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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Governor Hogan's Visit

Governor Hogan's visit went well maybe even great since lots of folks turned out to meet and greet him and everybody seemed to enjoy it.  Couple of the Governor's Facebook pages do a nice job with various photos and videos of the event (Change Maryland and Larry Hogan.)

I have some "unofficial" photos for you:

Governor Hogan, Steve O'Neil, John Wayne Raley and Herbie McKay
But of all the VIPs and dignitaries present here were the two most important:
Judy Raley and my Mom Jean
Brian Barnhill and the Gov
My Mom Right in the Middle of Things
The Governor's wife Yumi is shown in the left side of the above photo.  Kai Abboushi told me that she used her Korean language when speaking with Governor Hogan's wife Yumi who is also from Korea. Kai said that Yumi seemed pleased and a little surprised that she would encounter anyone at Buzzy's who spoke Korean.  As has been said before "You never know just what you will run into when you visit Buzzy's."

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