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Monday, July 27, 2015

Buzzy Gothic - Three Strikes

Did anyone else think that this week's cover of the County Times featuring Eddie and Patsy Bailey had that American Gothic Grant Wood look about it?  Maybe it was Eddie's suspenders.

This marked the second and third encounter that I have recently had vis-a-vis the American Gothic painting.  (I mentioned it previously (click here) when talking about my Buzzy Gothic Magnet shown here:
This is the magnet that my buddy Charlie Harless commented on by saying "Damn J., whoever did this, really did a good job on you, but the woman doesn't look anything like your wife Pam.")

What Charlie did not know is that I actually was once in a mock pose of this painting over 40 years ago only with the starter wife.  When I stumbled upon this photo the other day, I thought about Charlie's comment and had to smile.

Checkout Those Redneck Cutoffs
The third American/Buzzy Gothic reference happened just recently when a couple of ladies from Chicago were in Buzzy's Country Store visiting here for a friend's wedding.  As I talked to them at the counter one of them noticed the Buzzy Gothic magnet and said "I got to have that.  I am an art curator and the folks I work with will get a big kick out of that."  With that she paid for the magnet and left.  

However, a few hours later she dropped back in the Store on her way to the wedding.  She proceeded to buy 10 more magnets saying "I couldn't resist.  I'm getting one for each of my co-workers." 

I did not know until just now that Wood's original American Gothic painting is on display in the Chicago Art Institute, which makes me wonder if...........

Speaking of museums, I re-watched Brian de Palma's Dressed to Kill the other night and it didn't disappoint as it was as bad as it was the first time I watched it years ago.  Some things, make that MOST things do not get better with age. That said, this 6 minutes of Angie Dickinson's no-dialogue-museum-scene had its moments as de Palma tried to out Hitchcock Hitchcock and failed. Angie looks good though.<br />

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