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Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Cupola Barns

Nelson Dean's Three Cupola Barn
Pat Adams was in Buzzy's Country Store talking about his work on his neighbor Jerry Murrell's old barn.  In discussing Jerry's barn, Pat mentioned something about barns that I've never really noticed nor appreciated: the three cupola barn. 

Following that conversation with Pat, I then began doing a little survey of barns as I drive around the County.  Sure enough, the three cupola one is indeed kind of rare. 

However, funny thing is, there's one located right here just above the Store in Nelson Dean's field.  I drive by it everyday. Here's a little promotional video on Maryland barns that is re-run periodically on MPT click here.  Note that none of the barns shown here have three cupola's, so maybe Pat is onto something.

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