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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brothers Four (or Five) at Buzzy's

Larry, Ronnie, Teddy and Ricky
Nice photo here of the four Yeatman brothers who were recently doing a quasi-family reunion at Buzzy's Country Store.  (I teased them that since brother Ricky would be leaving in a couple days to assist  John Carbone in taking his boat down to Key West, the 3 older brothers were coming to say goodbye worrying that Ricky may never return from the land of sunshine.)   

Someone asked me if the Yeatman boys were the first quartet of brothers in Buzzy's.  I noted that  all four McKay brothers Herbie, Chris, Kim and Kevin have been in together several times but I'd have to think a bit about any others.
Kevin, Kim, Chris, Lindy, Herbie and St. Shirley (to have lived with 5 men)

I am fairly sure that at least 4 or more of the 9 McCoy brothers had to have been in Buzzy's simultaneously, but have no verification that that ever occurred.  Down Fresh Pond Neck Road, James Ball had several sons and as with the McCoys, I would be willing to bet that they too were in Buzzy's at some time or other as a foursome.  Gary "Chop Chop" Norris has confirmed that he and his brothers Robbie, Wade and Brian were all in Buzzy's together several years back.  

However,  I think the record will one day be set by the five Corbett men whom I've discussed previously (click here) and four of whom are shown below.  At various times, two, three and on the occasion below, four of the five Corbett brothers have been in Buzzy's.  It's only a matter of time before all 5 of them rendezvous at Buzzy's and set the record.  Now regarding sisters at Buzzy's.....
Brothers Steve, Tom, Mike front row with Brother Jim in Back.  Mike's SO Lauren Redeems the Picture
Here's a video for you by the Brothers Four, who were actually fraternity brothers. Song is a dog, too slow, too sad but the video has some nice shots in it.

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