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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-Super Bowl & Pre-60 Party!

What's that old saying about Smarty had a party and nobody showed up? Well the opposite happened to me last night at what I thought was going to be Buzzy's Country Store's Pre-Super Bowl Party. Turned out instead it was a surprise 60th birthday party for me! And yes I was very surprised. Earlier in the day a couple folks had wished me happy birthday or had commented on my birthday but I didn't think too much about it since I'd previously posted it here on the Buzzy Blog.
Later on as folks began to come in for what I thought was the Super Bowl party, my Mom rolled in and I thought that that was unusual her showing up for a football party. Then when Brady and Molly brought in the card (left) and JW Raley helped Pam and Jenny bring in the huge b'day cake they'd gotten earlier and Shea and Reagan rolled in with my Grandkids Shawn and Lily, it finally dawned on me that I'd been had! (Not punked but had!)
I learned later that Brady had phoned Pam earlier in the week and it evolved from there. Always said the best parties were the least and quickest ones planned!  Here I was expecting a nice little Super Bowl-related affair and it turned out to be one of those never-forget moments. 
Pam, Mom, Cheesehead Shawn, Emma, Lily Help Me Blow Out the Candles
My thanks to all who showed up, brought food, gave me nice cards and made donations to Health Share. (We raised over $200 for it thanks to Pam's request that instead of gifts we do donations.)
And while I'm still not exactly down with being 60, like Molly's b'day card that everyone signed for me said "It's Only Rock n Roll." P.S. The link to the Banned Super Bowl Commercials video that I showed at the party is here click here.

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