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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Greg at the Track

Photos by Bertie Burch

Greg and His Pit Manager - Sir Richard

Bertie Birch sent these photos of Greg with his Fairlane at Bud's Creek a few weeks back (click here.)  Greg will be making a return visit there this Friday night.  (So far he's not picked up on my suggestion of White Demon as a name for the Fairlane.)
The staff at Billboard recently compiled their Top 100 Greatest Car Songs (click here.)  It's a fairly diverse list with a little of every kinda car song ever recorded.  For instance, Robert Johnson from 1936 checks in #74 with Terraplane Blues where he laments that someone's been driving his car while he's been gone.  No wonder he's got the blues.
This is how the Billboard folks introduced their results:
we've compiled a list of our staff's 100 favorite driving songs, spanning each of the past 10 decades of auto tunes. Most are of course road-focused, but not all; we wanted to pay tribute to the car's place in music history as not just a transportation tool but a status symbol, a metaphor for excitement and escape, and a place for whatever backseat business needs to be accomplished. 

P.S.  When I saw Bruce at the wheel of a pink car in Billboard's lead in photo (above) I knew that he was on the list for Pink Cadillac.  But guess what?  While the list was very PC (maybe too much so) there was no PC as in Pink Cadillac to be found on it.  Hot Rod Lincoln didn't make it either.  WTF?  

Then again, I'm sure that the staff at Billboard doesn't have a lot of white, 70 year old geezers working there who contributed to this list.  (For other old fart complaints about the Billboard list (click here.))

Chuck's Maybelline didn't make the list either.  Come on Billboard people - why can't you be true?

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Dancing Everywhere - Even at Buzzy's!

Speaking of dancing (previous post) here are some dancing videos set to an Elvis tune followed by an American Bandstand dance contest video.  

The dude doing the split below at the 4:32 mark might have made me envious at one time in my dancing life.  Now whenever I see that move it just makes me wince.
Remember dancing in Buzzy's parking lot following the Hospice Fish Tournament in 2011? Neither do I, but check out this little recap:

Monday, July 26, 2021

The Summer Olympics - Why?

Opinion | Let the games begin - The Washington Post

My simple question "Why" of course has a simple answer -  "Money." 

However, with all the Delta pandemic crap heating back up, there is no way that a super spreader event like the Olympic Games should have been scheduled.  Ok, so they banned the fans from attending, but yet are still allowing unvaccinated athletes to compete with each other and all that is supposed to be a smart move?  Even a boy from Ridge can see how dumb that is.  And here I always thought that the Japanese are supposed to be smart.  (That said, only 20% of all Japanese people have received their vaccinations, so they may not be as smart as everyone thinks they are (click here))

Back to money for a sec: with an estimated cost of over $20 billion (click here) surely there could have been a better excuse to piss away big money like that.  I could even make a case that the two rich B's, as in Branson and Bezos, pissing their money away joy riding around in space was a better usage of coin than hosting some silly games half way around the world.  The Games were postponed once; why not just table them again for awhile?    

To tie this into Buzzy's Country Store, and granted, Buzzy's is not the most ideal place in the world to conduct a scientific survey of sorts, but I can usually judge the popularity or the interest in something based on the number of times that I overhear it mentioned in the Store.  To date, I have heard absolutely zero reference(s) to the Olympics and I do not expect to hear any in the future.  (Full disclosure here, I was never much of an Olympics fan to begin with save for when our Maryland boy Michael Phelps was kicking butt winning all those swimming medals.  Otherwise, I very rarely pay any attention to any of it covid or no covid.) 

However, it is not just me and my Buzzy friends who are uninterested in the Olympics, because overall interest appears to be down across the board from the general public (click here) to the betting folks (click here.)  It may tick up as the games progress but for now - no one cares.

Thus, this will be the Buzzyblog's first, last and only mention of the waste of time, effort and money known as the Summer Olympics going down in Japan.  Here's hoping that all those unvaccinated athletes returning back home after the games will quarantine a couple weeks before they spread the pandemic even more.  We're talking 20 year old's here, so don't count on that to be the case.  Reminds me of that kid in the movie The Sixth Sense when he said "I see dead people."

I was unaware that the Olympics Synchronized Swimming Event has been renamed the Artistic Swimming Event (click here.)  Why not have a synchronized dancing event?
Don't miss Fred twirling on one foot (2:30) near the end.  How'd he do that?

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Sermon - Elvis Style

The Atheist and Bear Story is one that gets passed around a lot.  I found this version somewhere in my internet travels:

An atheist was walking through the woods admiring nature's surroundings. He said to himself:  What majestic trees! What powerful rivers! What beautiful animals!

As he was walking, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him.

He turned to look and saw a 7 foot grizzly bear charge towards him.
He ran as fast as he could up the path.

He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was closing in on him.
He looked over his shoulder again, and the bear was even closer.

He tripped and fell on the ground.
He rolled over but saw the bear right on top of him,
reaching for him with his left paw and raising his right paw to strike him.

The Atheist cried out: "Oh, my God!..."

Time stopped. The bear froze.

The forest was silent.
A very bright light shone upon the man, and a booming voice came out of the sky:
"You deny my existence for all of these years, teach others I don't exist,
and even credit creation to a cosmic accident.

Do you now expect me to help you out of this predicament?
Am I to count you as a believer?"

The atheist looked directly into the light,
"It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask You to treat me as a Christian now,
but perhaps you could
make the BEAR a Christian?"

"Very well," said the voice.

The light went out.

The sounds of the forest resumed.
The bear dropped his right paw,
brought both paws together and lifted his head toward heaven and spoke:

"Lord, bless this food,
which I am about to receive from thy bounty
through Christ our Lord,

Here is the Elvis and the Bear song from the 1957 movie Loving You.  Elvis played some guitar in his early career (click here) mostly because his manager The Colonel knew that session musicians who got credited for playing on the song got paid extra.  On Teddy Bear for example Elvis is credited for playing "Percussion" because he liked how it sounded when he slapped the guitar.  Listen for yourself:

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Buzzy Nicknames Updated

Seeing Dave Jarrell's obit begin by referring to him as "Dirty Dave"(yesterday's post) reminded me that I was overdue for an update of the Buzzy Nick Name list (click here and here for previous nickname posts.)  

Latest additions to the Buzzy Nick Name list are hi lited:

P.S.  While I never knew Capt. Mike Rollins as St. Michael, I have to agree that that was a great nick name for him!
For Background on This Photo (click here)
Michael even gets his own theme song:

Friday, July 23, 2021

Dave Jarrell

I knew from talking with Dave in Buzzy's Country Store that he was a "been everywhere, done that" kind of guy even if he didn't boast nor brag about it.  Right up there with Charlie Simms, Dave had many life experiences and it was always my pleasure to talk with him about his storied past.  

One day not long ago Dave thanked me for having Buzzy's around as he told me "All my life I have dreamed of living in a big house on the water where I could crab and fish anytime I wanted.  I finally realized that dream when I moved down here.  Buzzy's is a bonus for me."

His obit, written by his younger brother Malcolm,  gives you a good idea what Dave and his life well lived was all about.  What the obit doesn't tell you is that Dave was one of the nicest and kindest of guys one would ever meet.  He was a true "gentle man" and I, along with all my Buzzy friends, will miss him very much.

Here are a couple excerpts from his obit but I encourage you to read the entire account of Dave's life (click here.)  

As noted in his obit, Dave's final hour was spent tending to his boat Beats Working.  Here's a nice little video featuring a Kenny Chesney boat tune with the great line "I let God do what He does." 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Scotland is in St. Mary's County - Just on the Other End!

 Then there was this very nice Buzzy-related item on The Vintage Source FB page posted  by Michelle Radez:

Thank you Michelle for the kind words.  (Note:
  The original Buzzyblog post Michelle cited above is here (click here.)

Music/video wise, I have played this several times previously, but never tire of hearing it.  I might just have to make it the Unofficial Official Buzzy theme song a la "Just keep them pretty legs showin', It gets hot down where we're goin'!"

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Buzzy Access Ramp - A Collaborative Effort

 A few weeks back my Piney Point friends Bonnie and Jeff Davis visited Buzzy's Country Store with her sister Jackie and husband Butch here from Texas.  Butch helped Jeff wheelchair his way into Buzzy's by negotiating the lower porch step.  As they did so, Jeff suggested that I add a small ramp to make it easier for wheelchair access.  (Note: Jeff was in a terrible motorcycle accident several years ago and has been getting around via his wheelchair since then.)

Installing a ramp was something that I had previously thought about doing, but had just never gotten around to.  After my exchange with Jeff however,  I asked my Cousin JW to see what he could come up with to make it more wheelchair accessible in and out of Buzzy's.  Pat Guy was present when we discussed this, and once JW confirmed that he could take care of it, Pat volunteered that Duncan Lepper had some scrap treated lumber that would be perfect for the job.  JW and Pat then drove down to the Duncan Lumber Yard and grabbed a couple pieces of wood that JW then carted away to his workshop.

Yesterday, JW installed the finished product.  Pictured here are the 3 Buzzy engineers who made the new access ramp a reality.  

But my ramp story doesn't just end there.  You see, only a few hours after JW installed the ramp, I looked up to see a lady with a walker making her way up the Buzzy steps.   As I joked with Michele that she could have been the first to utilize the Buzzy access ramp, she said that she would do so when she left.  

Here then is Michelle making her way off the Buzzy porch using the JW-created access ramp.  
Buzzy Ramp's First Usage
My thanks to JW, Duncan, Pat and Michelle for the Buzzy ramp being installed and being put to good use so quickly.  My thanks also to Jeff Davis for motivating me to finally get the ramp installed.  

The following video has nothing to do with access ramps, other than I stumbled upon it in my Youtube travels and thought it worth passing along.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Kramer/Trump - Two Against the Low Flow

In case you were caught up in those trivial news stories last week such as Covid's resurgence (thanks mostly to all you brilliant anti-vaxxers out there,) our withdrawal (at last!) from Afghanistan and floods and fires everywhere, there was a really important story that went down - literally: Biden overruled (click hereTrump's previous ban on low flow shower heads.  

With issues like this to be resolved, little wonder that nothing else is getting done in D.C. at this time wouldn't you say?  However, I have to confess that somehow in the haze of 45's greatness, I completely missed this bigger story where he had complained about and outlawed low flow shower heads (click here.)   

It turns out that the matter was previously the subject of a 1996 Seinfeld episode when Kramer too had some issues with the low flow.  Watch here:

Since it's a twofer day, here is a "pressure"  music video for you - the Bowie/Queen song Under Pressure.  This is the tune that Vanilla Ice sampled and ultimately made into a landmark rock plagiarism case (click here.)
All of which reminds me that I have a vacant apartment for rent at Buzzy's Country Store @ $800/month.  It is Buzzy's former residence and is currently equipped with a low flow shower head.  However, if someone prefers the fast flow head, I can switch it out for them.  Whatever makes your boat or hair float!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Baileys at Buzzy's

Last week Buzzy's Country Store welcomed the Swanns and Lumpkins from Second District. 

Yesterday saw the Baileys from the Seventh District drop into Buzzy's for a visit.  Bo and Bernard Bailey and their wives Rose and Shirley visited.  Bo's sons Sam and Steve were also with them.

They were travelling in style too:

When I first saw it pull into the Buzzy parking lot, I thought it was Willie Nelson's tour bus!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Dope Jokes

Granted, dope jokes are a small genre within the overall joke spectrum, but here are a couple good ones to get you off.

They said that pot is a Gateway drug that leads to harder drugs, but all it ever led me to was McDonalds.
A man confided to his friend "I think my wife may be dealing drugs.  Yesterday I was running late for work when the house phone rang. I answered but before I could say anything a male voice on the line said "Hey honey, is that dope gone yet?" 
 A sixth-grade teacher tells her class that today they’re going to have a spelling bee. Instructing the first kid to stand up, she asks, “Robert, what does your father do for a living? Say it nice and clearly, and then spell it out.” “My father’s a baker,” answers Robert. “B-A-K-E-R.” 

The teacher says “Very good. Now, Cecily your turn?” Cecily says “Doctor. D-O-C-T-O-R,”  The teacher then calls on Wally who stands up and says, “Shipbuilder. S-H-I-T—” “No, Wally,” interrupts the teacher. “Try again.” “Ship . . . builder. S-H-I-T—” “No, no, no. Go to the blackboard and write it out and you’ll see your mistake.” 

As Wally heads toward the front of the class, the teacher turns to the next child, Lenny, who jumps up and says, “My father’s a bookie. That’s B-double O-K-I-E, and I’ll lay you six to one that that dope puts ‘shit’ on the board.” 
Fact - mathematician potheads do not celebrate 4/20.  They already did so on 1/5.
What is the difference between a drunk and a pothead at a stop sign? The drunk runs it; the pothead waits for it to turn green. 

(Quick Buzzy aside here - occasionally I will poll my Buzzy friends and customers as to whom they would rather encounter in an oncoming car - a texter, a drunk or a pot head?  The pot head is the most common response and why not - they are usually only driving 20 MPH!)

And speaking of life's ironies, lucky girl Britney has been cleared to hire her own lawyer so she can now turn around and sue her dad (click here.)  Somewhere a law firm is popping champagne.  Somewhere her Dad is thinking "Oh well, nice while it lasted,"

P.S.  Today's Washington Post has a good article titled "The Five Myths About Marijuana." Myth Number 1 talks about marijuana being a gateway drug (click here)  and notes "Ninety-nine percent of those addicted to other drugs started with milk” is a true statement — and also perfectly meaningless."

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Rally for Peyton

Someone asked me about the following sign that is currently posted near the road in the front of Buzzy's Country Store:

My friend Keith Raley asked me if he could post the sign there to advertise today's rally in memory of his Grandson Peyton.  In April of this year, Peyton was shot and killed by a Maryland State trooper responding to a call that Peyton was acting suspiciously and had a gun.  (For the complete story (click here and scroll down to Page 3.)  The following was also in the article:
The Rally is at the County's Governmental Center and starts at 11:00 today.  No music today.  "Don't feel much like dancing."  (Extra points if you know the tune that that line is from.)

Friday, July 16, 2021

Buy Local / Nothing But Locals

Tomorrow marks the start of Maryland's Buy Local Week.  Take the pledge and go buy some local goods.

Speaking of things local, I was talking with my son Shea when I commented on the number of folks from over here in the Second District who will frequently make the trip down to hang out and spend some time at Buzzy's.   I told Shea that I was always amazed and pleased that they would drive all the way down to Buzzy's when they have so many other options closer to their homes.  

Shea noted "Well, that's because the bars over here only have a couple of local people hanging out in 'em, whereas down at Buzzy's, you got nothing but locals and people like that."  (Leave it to Shea to go right to the heart of the matter.)

Music-wise, here's a nice little story of how a local musician came up with a tune featuring local beers.  (To listen to the entire song (click here.))

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Selling Ice

And speaking of selling ice (my previous post on how 7-Eleven started out as an ice company) yesterday my Granddaughters Lily and Emma learned first hand of Buzzy's wisdom and advice on how to sell ice.  

When I was a youngster learning to work the counter,  Buzzy taught me the mechanics of how to add up items that tourists and campers had selected and advised "Before you hit total,  always ask them if they need ice."  

Today, whenever I do that and the customer responds "Yes, that's one of the things I came in for.  Thanks for reminding me,"  I secretly smile and think of him  teaching me this.  (I once did a blogpost (click here) on how a young lady made some comment about me doing "suggestive selling."  She had worked at a McDonalds where they instructed her to always conclude a sale by asking folks if they wanted fries with their meal.  I remember informing her that Buzzy was doing it long before they even had a term for it!) 

Just yesterday in the Store, my Granddaughters Lily and Emma were behind the counter when a customer placed some items to purchase on the counter.  As Buzzy did with me, I walked them thru the process on adding up the items and then inquiring about ice.  Lily asked me "Why do you do that?" At that very moment, the customer said "As a matter of fact I do.  I'll take one bag."  I responded to Lily "That's why."  

Lily and Emma Showing Off Their Pam Birmingham Ankle Bracelets

Reagan, Lily and Emma

And since we're talking ladies who work for a living, check out Jennifer and Carrie covering Dolly's 9 to 5.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021


They started in 1927 as the Southland Ice Company in Dallas Texas with a business model of "give the customers what they want when they need it."  The following is an excerpt from the History of 7-11.

History - 7-Eleven Corporate (archive.org)

When a gallon of milk cost 56 cents and ice was sold in blocks rather than bags for ice boxes back in 1927, an enterprising Southland Ice Company employee, “Uncle Johnny” Jefferson Green, began offering milk, bread and eggs from the ice house.

He quickly saw a need to carry these items for customers who were out of these everyday staples. He sold a lot of these items on Sundays and evenings when grocery stores were closed.

Realizing the possibilities of Uncle Johnny’s idea to provide customers what they wanted and when they needed it, Joe C. Thompson, Jr., one of the founders and later president and chairman of The Southland Corporation, began selling the product line at other ice-dock locations. At the time, the company had eight ice plants and 21 retail ice docks.

Thus convenience retailing was born. More and more customers caught on to this new idea, and the company increased to 60 Southland-owned retail ice docks within a decade.

To continue reading how Southland Ice eventually became 7-Eleven and evolved to become one of the most successful franchises in the world (click here) and scroll down.  Today, following a series of bad business decisions, they are now owned by a Japanese company (click here.)  Does that mean they will now change their name to 7-Ereven?

Here in the County we once had seven 7-Elevens, 4 of which were in the  Lexington Park area alone.  Currently, we are down to two with one in Mechanicsville and the other one in Charlotte Hall.  

However, a couple of new ones are about to reappear as one is set for Callaway and another on Great Mills Road.  A third one, south of Leonardtown, was turned down by the Planning Board (click here) who deemed that it was too close to Leonardtown School.  Evidently the one in Great Mills, directly across from the high school there, wasn't considered a problem.

Speaking of similar names, a crossword puzzle clue the other day read "Collin Ray (AR.)"  The puzzle's theme for that day had to do with songs by artists with a location in the title such as "Glen Campbell (TX)" = Galveston.  I mucked around with the Collin Ray clue trying to figure out just where in Australia there was a city or town abbreviated as AR.  After I worked some clues around the answer, I finally realized that I had confused country singer Collin Ray with the former lead singer of Men at Work Colin Hay. The AR in the clue actually stood for Little Rock and the following tune.  (I think most Colin Hay's tunes tend to be a little more upbeat than this one.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Baseball and Big Band Music

The Buzzy Twofer Tuesday features 2 inputs I recently received from family members.  

The first was sent to me from my son Brady in recognition of tonight's MLB All Star game. 

It is an ESPN article about the 1971 All Star Game that featured 22 future Hall of Famers.  Think about that as you survey the players in the game today who may eventually make the HoF and no way do you get anywhere close to 22!  (For a good article on this HoF projection click here.)

Fifty years ago on this very date, the All Star game was played in Tiger Stadium and was a classic (click here for a fan's excellent video on attending that game.)   The American League won 6-4 and all 10 runs were scored via six home runs hit by fellas named Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Roberto Clemento, Reggie Jackson, Frank Robinson, and Harmon Killebrew.  

But the best quote in the article probably came from Jim Palmer who had this to say  "It was breathtaking being there, all those great players, all those home runs, all in one game.  It was unbelievable.  It was so good. Pete Rose didn't even start.  Tell him I said that."  You go Jim!  (In Rose's defense though, he was playing outfield at the time and to be an All Star starter he would had to have beaten out either Aaron, Mays or Clemente, so yeah, maybe he did have a little competition to overcome.)  

When I see baseball flashbacks like this it makes me grateful for having lived through such glory days like these when four of the Orioles' eventual six Hall of Famers were in that All Star game:  Jim Palmer, Frank and Brooks Robinsons, and manager Earl Weaver.  Additionally, 3 other Orioles Don Buford, Boog Powell and Mike Cuellar were members of that All Star team.  I know I won't ever see something like that again.  

Too, it makes me glad that Brady and I got to attend a game in Tiger Stadium in 1999 its last season hosting the Tigers.  Tiger Stadium was eventually demolished in 2009.  


The second item sent to me came from my sister Donna Jean after she visited me in Buzzy's Country Store Sunday and we  discussed the sad death by suicide of a friend of ours.  Somewhere in our talk, I mentioned the book Donna gave me about the guy who tried, but couldn't quite get it right when he attempted suicide.  Donna immediately remembered it as A Man Called Ove.  (I did a blogpost on it several years ago (click here.))  Donna told me how it also reminded her of a poem by Dorothy Parker that she said she'd send me.  Here it is:

For a good analysis and review of this poem (click here.)  It seems that Ms. Parker knew what she was writing about here as she unsuccessfully attempted suicide several times during her somewhat tragic life.  She died in 1967 from a heart attack.  

Probably her biggest claim to fame was co-writing the 1937 screenplay for A Star Is Born which earned her a nomination for an Academy Award.  Music-wise, she also wrote the lyrics for this Bing Crosby song that I had never heard previously.  Old fart that I am, Bing the crooner was still just a little before my time.  Baseball's 1971 All Star game - si; big band music from 1936, ah, not so much.)

Monday, July 12, 2021


In Buzzy's Country Store  I often hear something said along the lines "Well, if some m'fer tries to break into my house, I got something to blow his ass away."  It's good for a laugh as several others will nod in agreement and confirm that they also are more than ready for any intruder that ever dares to venture into their humble abode.  

Like a lot of issues discussed in Buzzy's, I stay out of these gun conversations.  However, what I really want to interject is "You dumbass, the odds of you winning the lottery are only a little greater than you ever having someone try and break into your house."  

A second statement I consider making, but am afraid to do so because I don't want to plant any seeds for consideration, is "The odds of you using that gun to commit suicide are far greater than you ever having to use it to confront an intruder."  

Facts are that approximately 62% of all US gun deaths are suicides (click here.)   At roughly 47,000 deaths a year, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US and is on the rise each year (click here.)  A number of studies show that those US States where folks have more guns, also have more suicides (click here.

However, it is tough to draw definitive conclusions because suicide is driven by so many factors.  Granted the guns don't cause suicide, but they sure do make it a lot easier to do so.  Check out this chart showing suicide lethality rates:

Lethality of Suicide Methods | Means Matter | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Speaking of gun-related things having to do with Buzzy's, I have had a couple incidents recently involving gun packing dudes in the Store.  After I made it clear to them that I don't want guns in Buzzy's, one of the individuals was quick to say "No problem I just won't bring it in."   

The other fella pushed back a bit by saying he wouldn't come in anymore if he couldn't carry his weapon.  I diplomatically responded with a half hearted apology that I was sorry he felt that way, and noted "It's not you, it's the gun."  

However, what I really wanted to say to him was "If you feel like you need to have a gun for protection to come into Buzzy's, maybe you shouldn't be in here in the first place."  

When it comes to the whole owning a gun thing though, I'm good with guns for hunting, target shooting, collecting as a hobby or for whatever other reason people may have for wanting a gun.  (Note here that I am not even going to discuss that theory about gun owners having smaller penises (click here.))  However, the whole gun-for-protection argument leaves me a little cold.  And just why is that all the 2A bubbas always boast about prying it from their COLD dead hands?  Don't they own a pair of gloves?

Although Ronnie and Gary wrote this tune about having a hit record on the Billboard charts with a bullet, they nevertheless had to stop playing it live because their fans would throw bullets up on the stage and they worried that someone was going to get hurt.  Talk about a "hit."  Be careful what you wish for and/or sing about right?

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Happy $7.11!

In honor of today being 7-11, here is a math puzzle I landed on after looking for info on the convenience store 7-Eleven.  (I was initially leaning towards discussing how 7-Eleven got its start and now has over 71,100 stores in 17 countries (click here.)  However, I got  side tracked once I landed on the following little exercise and spent some time trying to figure it out.  So I'll save the history of the 7-Eleven stores for another day and dare you to try and wade thru the following brain teaser:

A guy walks into a 7-11 store and selects four items to buy. The clerk at the counter rings him up and informs him that the total cost of the four items is $7.11. The dude was impressed that the cost was the same as the name of the store and commented about it to the young clerk. The clerk informed the man that he simply multiplied the cost of each item and arrived at the total. The customer calmly informed the clerk that the items should have been added and not multiplied. The clerk then added the items together and informed the customer that the total was still $7.11.

What were the costs of each item?

Solving the problem gets complicated real fast.  After I wasted several minutes parsing thru it and trying to understand the solution, I'm still not sure how it all worked out and yet it did!  Check for yourself; but be ready to punch out after a minute or two and take them at their word (click here.)

Musically, did you know that 7-Eleven has its own theme song?  Guess I need to get busy getting Buzzy's one!

Saturday, July 10, 2021


In addition to the items I listed yesterday about things to do in South County this weekend, there is this dinner by the Sons of the American Legion.  

Also, a second followup has to do with yesterday's music selection.  Initially I thought to conclude yesterday with a comment about how sitting on Buzzy's front porch can be very relaxing and therapeutic for you.  I wanted to finish by quoting a lyric from a song "It never lets you down no no" and then play that song. 

However, try as I may, I could not recall what song it was that contained that lyric.  Despite my hearing the line playing in my head, I simply couldn't think of who the artist who sang it was.  I tried the old Google machine and won't tell you how much time I spent searching various lyrics and videos looking for it.  Finally, I gave up and went with the Sammy Hagar island song.

Later on in the day, I was in the Store stocking the beer case.  You can imagine how much it blew my mind when the radio's Classic Rock DJ introduced his next selection as "Here's one from Van the Man that will never let you down."  
PS - Youtube's description of the song recounts this about how Van came to write it: 

Often interpreted as a song about Morrison's travels in America or a celebration of FM radio, Van explained that it is actually about the Voice of America, which is a radio service run by the United States government for political purposes. Morrison explained to Melody Maker in 1979 that he listened to the service when he was a kid. "It's actually about Europe, because that's where the station was. It came out of Frankfurt, and the first time I ever heard Ray Charles was on the Voice of America. We tried to get a tape recording of the Voice of America to put on the front of that track, but it didn't work out. I didn't get it by the time the album was due to be mixed. But I think it would have made it a lot clearer if the signature thing was on the front of it. It doesn't click for a lot of people."

Friday, July 9, 2021

Things to Do This Weekend

Now that Elsa is outta here, it looks like our weekend weather will be good.  St. Mary's College has resumed their River Concert series and has a Summer Dance concert set for this evening. For more info, click link below.

River Concert Series: Summer Dance | St. Marys College of Maryland (smcm.edu)

Tomorrow the Home Grown Market in Hermanville is open from 10-1:

On Sunday afternoon, the Knights of Columbus are holding their monthly chicken dinner.

Trossbach's Produce Stand is open everyday and yes they do have some peaches for you:
(4) Trossbach Produce | Facebook

Also available both days this weekend are the Smith Island Cruises from Pt. Lookout.  My buddy Capt. Greg Madjeski, who takes turns with Capt. Jack Russell running the tours to and from the Island, says they have some room for you to hop on board and check the Island out (click here for more info.)

And speaking of islands, amidst all this activity in South County this weekend there is an island of tranquility where you can relax and watch the world go by.  What do you mean asking where is that?  I resemble that remark!

Musically, I guess Sammy and David Lee are still sniping at each other after all these years (click here.)  Come on dudes, life really is way too short for fussin' and fightin' and holding grudges.  Time for you two to move on isn't it?

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Rednecks, Alcohol and Fireworks - What Could Possibly Go Awry?

Someone made the comment that St. Mary's County did not have any fireworks' shows this year.   They were referring to the usual shows held at the College and/or the County Fairgrounds.  

However, I pointed out that thanks to the efforts of Bob Williams (above) at least Buzzy's Country Store did have some fireworks on the 4th.  (Guess I should say "firework" as in singular!  Less really is more you know?!)

Video-wise, I don't usually care for those FAIL videos that show folks falling and getting slammed.  However, there is one showing several 4th of July related mishaps that did make me laugh mostly because the Ridge boy in me recognized some of these redneck pratfalls as hitting a little too close to home as in - been there, done that and got the scar(s) to show for it.   (Video wouldn't upload so (click here) to watch it.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Photo-wise I mostly take and prefer to have people in my shots.  That said however, I do appreciate and admire a great nature photo shot when I see one.  

Here are some photos taken by family and friends of mine that caught my eye.  They reminded me of something once said that the mark of a great photo is that it looks like a painting and that the mark of a great painting is that it looks more like a photo - think about it. 

Another sign of a great photo is that it will draw you in and make you want to spend time looking at it.  All of these do just that for me.  Enjoy.  

Ocean City Boardwalk, N.J. - Brady Ridgell

Chesapeake Bay Moon - John Carbone

Welcome to My Garden 
(See next photo)
 Steve Raley 

Big Bear Lake, Ca. - Reagan Ridgell

Pier 450 - Paul Haynes

Tiger Lily - Kim Wiley

Skaket Beach Oyster Farm, Cape Cod - Ninan Chacko

Sunset on the St. Mary's River - Rich Brewer (Still Missing That Guy)

P.S.  As noted here in this FB posting from his daughter Kaylyn, there will be a celebration in memory of Rich this coming Saturday at 2 o'clock at the College.

Music-wise how about this Ringo tune that he and George co-wrote? Funny how you always hear about all the Beatles' songs written by Lennon and McCartney but this is the only song ever credited to Starkey and Harrison.  Great song that makes me feel happy and sad when I listen to it.  A little like I feel when looking at a Rich Brewer photo.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Sad Twofer Tuesday

On this day after the holiday celebration, I'll bring you down some with this sad little twofer.  It features a couple folks you have probably never heard of but know them by their great songs:  Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger.  They wrote and recorded several great songs such as No Matter What You Are, Day After Day, and Baby Blue.  Their first hit was with a Paul McCartney song Come and Get It. 

However, the most famous song that they wrote may just be one of my all time least favorites -  Harry Nilsson's  "Without You."  It was a depressing song to begin with, but now that I know who the writers were,  it makes me even sadder.  Ultimately, both Ham and Evans committed suicide because they were having money problems.  It makes the "Without You" downer a little too prophetic and self fulfilling in a way.  

Here is the full story of how 2 great musicians got done in by the music business in general but by one shyster in particular (click here.)  Ham became a member of the 27 Club when he hanged himself in 1975 while Evans waited until he was 33 to hang himself in 1983.  In the sordid history of musicians being ripped off by greedy managers (click here)  Badfinger's experiences may just be the most tragic of them all.

But I don't want to leave you on such a down note, so here is what VH1 has dubbed the Number 1 Essential Power Pop song of all time - Badfinger's "No Matter What You Are."  

I love this song from its opening chords to the song's false ending where they suddenly stop but then repeat the last line a second time before they conclude.  Too bad that both of Ham and Evans didn't do something similar in real life and take a little break before deciding to end their own lives.