This is Buzzy's Country Store blog designed to keep you apprised of what's going on at the Store. Buzzy's is a general store located in St. Mary's County, Southern Maryland near Pt. Lookout State Park. Buzzy and Jean Ridgell purchased the Store from Jean's father Harry Raley in 1953. Buzzy operated it until his passing in 2009. His son J. Scott Ridgell is the current owner.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Biden and Biracial Couples at Buzzy's

I had a biracial couple stop in Buzzy's Country Store yesterday and got to talk to them for several minutes.  The guy had been to Pt. Lookout many years ago as a kid camping with his folks.  He told me how he wanted to show it to his girlfriend along with make a visit to the Store he remembered "with the old man and the dog" i.e. Buzzy and Bruno.  

I learned that they have been dating for two years and met thru an online dating site.  While the guy continued reminiscing and telling me about his childhood times spent at Pt. Lookout, I debated asking them about Biden's recent T-V commercial comments.  (In case you missed it here is what Joe had to say about interracial couples and he is now getting some flack for having done so (click here. 

Ironically enough, I had started composing a blogpost on the subject of interracial T-V commercials awhile back but gave up doing so mostly because it made me sound more racist than I am.  (Full disclosure - I am completely aware of my racist character flaws and I work very hard to try and overcome and correct those thoughts when they do pop into my Ridge boy brain.  That old saying about one never being able to rise above his/her raising may have some relevance here.)  Bottom line is that I ultimately gave up trying to say something interesting about biracial T-V commercials and here Biden beats me to it.

But back to my couple in the Store.  They spotted the photo of me shaking hands with Governor Hogan and the guy noted how he is a body guard and chauffeur for one of Mrs. Hogan's friends.  Conversationally then I was at a crossroads of wanting to learn more about them as an interracial couple and also wanting to find out more about just whom he was a bodyguard for. 

Unfortunately another couple came in the Store at that very moment and my first visitors said so long and left.  I'm hoping that they make a return visit to Buzzy's so I can talk to them some more.

The following song may or may not be in order and if it comes across as semi-racist of me for posting it, I apologize.  However, in my defense, it's getting kinda tough to tell just what is and what isn't racist anymore.  (One small criticism of the video here is that despite the song having a kick ass bass line, not once does the camera focus on the bass player.  Now if he was black.....)  

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Eats All Around

Buckets of rain pouring down, but you can still go out and get something to eat in Ridge.

Mike Ridgell's Baymart is open from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

(6) Ridgell's Baymart | Facebook

Rain or shine, Noli's in Ridge Market has Italian cuisine and features the following:
(6) Noli's | Facebook

Pier 450 also doesn't care if it's raining as noted in their post for yesterday:
(6) Pier450 Restaurant, Boutique Motel & Shop | Facebook
The Sons of the American Legion are doing their Steak Night tonight:
And as always Tommy and Julie can serve you the freshest seafood around:
Courtney's Seafood Restaurant (courtneysseafoodrestaurant.com)
Sunday the KoC is having their take out chicken dinner.

If all that eating isn't your thing, there is a little Country Store just down the road.  It doesn't have much in the way of foodstuffs, but does have plenty of other things to make your boat float drink wise.

Speaking of food offerings in Country Stores, I saw this for sale in Cooksey's Country Store up in La Plata.  Not sure I can go for that.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Nice Card From Some Nice Folks

A lady named Elke and her husband dropped into Buzzy's Country Store a few weeks ago and after I explained to them my bi-polar operation of being a quiet Country Store during the day that turns into a Redneck Bar around 4 o'clock, they laughed and said they'd be back at 4.  

Sure enough, they returned around 4, grabbed a couple drinks and pulled up a stool.  Evidently they enjoyed their Buzzy visit very much because I received this nice card from Elke in the mail the other day.

I too am glad that they stopped by. 

Speaking of stopping by, check out this Sarasota street performer who has a drop in visit from someone who..... well watch for yourself.  (He takes a few minutes composing the tune and that is worth watching as to how he does that on the spot so quickly.  However, if you don't care about all that and just want to catch where things kick into high gear, go to the 5:00 mark of the video and start watching there.)

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Mulberry Music Festival to Honor Rich Brewer

St. Mary's College's Mulberry Blues Festival will be held on Friday 18 June.  Rich Brewer was instrumental in organizing this event  and SMC is honoring him by dedicating the event to him.

For additional info (click here.)
The free event begins at 6:00 p.m. so you will have time to slip down to Rich's favorite Country Store beforehand and have one in his honor - a brew for Brew if you will.

The Nighthawks will be playing at the event that will also feature the Josh Riley Band and the Kelly Bell Band shown here:

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Suicide Times Four

When she came into Buzzy's Country Store about a year ago with a crock pot and food, I wondered what she was up to.  I knew that it was not her birthday and the fact that she now lived "up the road" told me that she had made a special trip just to come down to Buzzy's.  

I helped her set up to serve the items that she had prepared and as I did so I asked her what was the occasion.  She teared up a little and simply whispered "My son."  I knew exactly what she was referring to because we had previously discussed her son taking his life sometime ago.  All I could think to say to her as we prepared the food was something along the lines "Well, it's good that you came here to Buzzy's."

On her FB page the other day she then posted the following  on what would have been her son's 49th birthday.  

Then last Friday I was at Brinsfield's Funeral Home attending a service for someone else who had suicided.  As I stood in the back of the roomful of people and listened to the Pastor's comments about the young man only 35 years old, my thoughts drifted back to several years ago when I stood in almost the exact same spot at Brinsfield's for a Memorial Service for another young suicide victim.  That young man was only 20 years old when he took his life.  It all just made me even sadder. 

And ultimately, any mention of suicide will always remind me of my friend Doug Courtney.  He went out of here in 1972 and it still remains something that I have never quite processed nor forgotten about.  (I have mentioned Doug in several previous posts here on the Buzzyblog including this one in 2010 (click here) and this one in 2017 (click here.) Too, I just found his obit in the 3 August 72 Enterprise.

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)

I'll leave you with this note that someone posted on her FB page when discussing the death of her brother.  (It was his memorial service from several years ago that I was recalling when at Brinsfield's last Friday.)  When she notes that "the ache is always there," I know exactly what she means.
Music-wise, here is a sad song to accompany this sad post.  B.J. Thomas, who passed away the other day from cancer complications, relays the story of how he came to record this first hit of his thanks to his Dad.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Twofer Tuesday (And Every Other Day at the Same Cafe) - Me and Mrs. Jones

Recently I heard Daryl Hall's version of the song Me and Mrs. Jones which was made famous by Billy Paul.     

As Daryl sang the second verse about Mrs. Jones having her own obligations (2:30 mark below) I found myself thinking "Uh, I don't remember hearing that in the original song."  

So I did a little research to check it out and found that I was correct-a-mundo because the radio version of the song was shortened and the song's second verse was skipped. Click here to listen to Billy's original shortened version.)  Note that Billy would later release the extended version of the song.  

Me and Mrs. Jones was involved in a couple of lawsuits the first of which involved the sax riff played at the beginning of the tune. The riff was judged to have been lifted from a Doris Day song Secret Love.   This makes sense I guess, in that a song about adultery was found guilty of stealing from an old song titled Secret Love. 

A second lawsuit was then initiated by Billy Paul years later when his song was used in a Nike commercial.  This led to a huge lawsuit where Paul won a chunk of change from his original recording producers (click here.)
Old Blue, Buzzy and Bruno
But speaking of things old, put Saturday, 26 June on your calendar to bring something old down to Buzzy's Country Store to show it off as part of our Buzzy's Family Heirloom Day.  We'll have some tables set up in the Buzzy parking lot for you to display interesting old items that you have held on to all these years.   This is not a yard sale.  (And please don't be bringing me a bunch of old crap that you plan on leaving in my parking lot for me to get rid of.)   This is a Buzzy version of Antique Road Show only with no experts on site other than my usual Buzzy clientele who are experts on everything. 

So start digging out those things that you have stashed away in your attic or garage that folks may be interested in checking out.  No need to rsvp, preregister or anything like that, just bring your shit and show it off. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Nelson Dean's Barn - Now Down to Two Cupolas

 My 2012 post titled Three Cupola Barns (click here) included this photo.

Several years later I did another photo and post on the barn comparing its ongoing deterioration to that of watching an old friend going down slowly.   Here is how the barn looked then:
I took this photo just the other day and you can see that it is now only a 2 cupola barn and continues to fade away.  Very sad.
Music-wise a lady named Alison is currently storing her camper at Buzzy's Country Store.  Every month when she drops in to pay me for doing so, I think of this song.  I've debated telling her this but have held off doing so because it is such a sad song and anyway, she's too young to even remember it.  

Why I thought of it just now with regards to Nelson Dean's barn may have something to do with the singer "not going to get too sentimental" over something like this, but still heartbroken about it nonetheless.  Christ, after all it's only a barn.
For more info on barn cupolas (click here) and be sure to read the comments on "hay/heat combustion" where a young boy and girl playing in a hay loft learn all about it.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Coney Market in Lonaconing

Lonaconing, Maryland is located in Allegheny County (see Maryland map on billboard in the above photo.)  Until recently Lonaconing was most famous for being the hometown of Hall of Fame pitcher Lefty Grove.  

However, Lonaconing has now become even more famous in 2021 because a winning Powerball ticket worth over $700 million was sold there by a small store Coney Market.  

The winning ticket hit back in January (click here)  but was only claimed a few weeks ago and even then the winners elected to remain anonymous.  (Maryland is one of only 11 states that allows lottery winners to remain anonymous.)

Hard-luck Maryland town gets a $731.1 million Powerball win (apnews.com)

Here is the story describing how the winners recently claimed their group prize but elected to remain anonymous (click here.)  
I had seen this story when it first hit back in January and saved the above photo to maybe do something on it here on the Buzzyblog.  To tell you the truth, I had forgotten all about it until the recent news came out that the winning ticket had finally been claimed.  

But then this past weekend I had a couple who were camping at the State Park come into Buzzy's Country Store and when I asked where they were from they said Lonaconing.  I immediately asked them if they were the lottery winners.  They laughed and both responded simultaneously "We wish we were."  I then followed up with "Well, do you know who the winners are then?"  They laughed again and the lady said "There are only so many people in Lonaconing so everybody has a pretty good idea who it was who won."   I noted that I bet the winners all have some new best friends."  Again the couple laughed and both responded "They sure do."

Just they way they answered my questions told me that they had been asked these sort of things previously and that they had their answers down pretty good, a little too good if you know what I mean.  

I didn't bother trying to pry any more info out of them as they paid for their snacks and drinks and headed out the door.  However, as they did so I looked out the front window to see what they were driving.  Sure enough it was a nice new Ford F-250 with a 5th wheel hitch sticking up in the truck bed and I thought to myself "Uh-huh, I bet you got A LOT of new friends."  

My buddy Norm Klink has been on a Cars trip musically and while I was visiting with him a few weeks back he played several of their videos for me.  I was never a big Cars' fan back in the day, but the more I heard and recognized and liked their stuff, the more I thought "Wow, these guys were pretty awesome."  Thank you Norman!

Saturday, June 5, 2021


I've often wondered why we have had few, if any, Italian restaurants here in the County?  While it seems like we have always had plenty of other "ethnic" places to eat, I can't recall any decent Italian places to choose from.  (And NO, Olive Garden does not count as to what I'm thinking of when I refer to an Italian restaurant.)

Well guess what?  Now, we do have a place featuring Italian food and it's right here in Ridge:

(4) Noli's | Facebook
Noli's operates out of the Ridge Market (the former Raley's Store) and is run by Mike and Melissa Altilio.

Stop by and check Noli's out if you can.  It's carryout only.  However, after you pick up something good to eat from them, you can go sit at a picnic table outside a Historic Country Store and enjoy it.  Good Italian cuisine being consumed at Buzzy's - who would have thunk it?

Only one song will do here right?

Friday, June 4, 2021

Lost Lady Lucky She Found Buzzy's

The other day someone asked me what has been the weirdest, strangest or craziest thing to have occurred during my tenure as Buzzy Jr. and running the Store.  

As you can imagine I have several incidents and things that have gone down during my 14 years that I could possibly cite here but won't because most of them I'd just as soon not be reminded of.  (I'm talking about those incidents involving  fights, arguments, EMT calls, cars in ditches, tenant complications and issues etc..  Fortunately there haven't been too many of those, but some of them were "out there."  I'll just leave it at that.) 

And yet, I thought about the following Buzzy incident just the other day when someone mentioned how an elderly relative with early stages of dementia had taken off in a car and ended up lost somewhere.  The relative was eventually found and the family was now figuring out the next steps for ensuring that Dad didn't boogaloo off somewhere again.  (Taking the car keys was an obvious solution but Dad wasn't having any of that.)

It reminded me of an incident where an elderly lady wandered into Buzzy's on a Thursday night when Terri Yates was covering the Store for me.   After some searching around here in the Buzzyblog archives, I found the post from 2008 on how a lady named Olga made it safely back home thanks to some help from Terri and Joey Porter.   Here is what I posted back then:
After Terri and Joey successfully returned Olga to her home, we never heard anything more from nor about her and how she made out. I googled "Olga + Silver Spring" and found a couple of obituaries for ladies named Olga but couldn't determine if it was her or not.   Guess it was one of those meant-to-be-stories in that Olga wandered into Buzzy's when she did.

Mentioning the Beltway made me think of this song.  Be sure to watch at least until the 1:12 mark when the dancing girl makes an appearance rocking some Chucks!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Charlie Simms at the Ridge Rumble

Commissioner Mike Hewitt posted the following on his FB page following the Memorial Day Ridge Rumble. 

Here on the Buzzyblog  I am very proud to have done several previous posts on Charlie and his fascinating life.  Charlie really is an amazing person whom I, and everybody who knows him, admire very much.  Every day when Charlies strolls into Buzzy's Country Store around 4 o'clock, just the sight of him coming in the door makes me feel a little better.  

For those of you who do not really know him, I recommend you take a minute and just scroll thru some of what I have posted about Charlie thorough the years (click here.)   As Mike noted above, Charlie really is a great man.  

Musically, I gotta think that Bob was talking about Charlie when he wrote this song about staying forever young:

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Center

This past Sunday on CBS' Sunday Morning show they did a feature on the center of North America.  Great story with a surprising conclusion of sorts that I won't give away.  (Note however, that I was rooting for the Hanson's Bar folks to be declared the center, but check it out for yourself to see how it all went down.)

It got me wondering just where is the center of St. Mary's County? Here is what I came up with when I Googled just that:

Next, I putzed around the County's GIS map(s) and ultimately landed on this spot in Wildewood which correlated to the above coordinates.
Hi-lited Area Marks Coordinates' Location

Not sure if I did all this correctly but lemme know if you got any suggestions.  All I know for sure is that Buzzy's Country Store is not the center.  It may be the center of my universe, but it is not the County's.

Musically, do you remember the Amboy Dukes?  Well, neither did I.  Nor was I aware that Cat Scratch Fever Man Ted was their lead guitarist when he wasn't out shooting something:

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Buzzy Nicknames Pt. 3

My thanks to Herbie McKay and others who have provided me with several additional nick names of folks who either once cycled through Buzzy's Country Store or still do.  The latest additions to the Buzzy Nick Name List are hi lited for you.  (For  a previous Buzzyblog post on this (click here. 

Note that these are only the Buzzy's Country Store-related nick names.  There are literally hundreds more throughout the County both past and present.

Twofer Tuesday: Hello June and No I Won't Forget to Put Roses on Your Grave

Today marks the one and only time in 2021 that Tuesday is the first day of the month. In case you are curious, in 2021 Monday merits 3 first days of the month, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday get 2, while Saturday and Sunday only get one.  (You can flip thru a calendar to verify all of this or if you're lazy like I am just click here.

So, because this is a Twofer Tuesday we'll take care of some Buzzy Birthday Business and then leave you with a couple videos.

First the birthdays:

My niece Jean Hofmeister 1 June; my grandson Shawn Ridgell 2 June; Teeny Boy June 11; my sister Donna Jean Taylor 12 June; Kayla McKay 13 June; Lee Carroll 17 June; Cheryl Trossbach on 18 June; Sheryl Mandeville 22 June; my great nephew Wyatt Taylor 23 June; my nephew Todd Taylor 28 June;  and Michelle Lengel on 29 June.

And speaking of June, I have a friend who has been watching Leave it to Beaver re-runs.   Check out how this video where Beav's Mom, June Cleaver, tries to explain womens' evolving roles to him while she's all dressed up, wearing earrings and pearls and dusting stuff off.  I'm betting that Eddie Haskell could have done a much better job explaining all of this to the clueless Beav.


Music-wise, this song popped into my head the other day when I attended a funeral and sat in the back of the Church.  As the coffin was rolled out after Mass, they stopped opposite me and placed a spray of beautiful, pink roses on top of it.  As everyone proceeded out the door for the procession to the grave yard, all I could think about was this tune.  (Note how Mick Taylor kicks big ass on guitar throughout the song.)

Monday, May 31, 2021

A Picture is Worth....At Least A Couple of Words

 OK, try this.
There is also this going down in Ridge today:

Close to 3,000 songs contain the word rumble, but only one instrumental has it as the title.  Because of that, it remains the only instrumental ever banned from being played on the radio (click here.)  Maybe it's not only rock and roll.
OK, so I am on a serious losing streak in predicting Orioles' and/or Nationals' victories because both of them lost again yesterday.  This despite my guarantee that one of them would win. 

Today then, let's try the old gambler's trick of buying one of them a win by placing bets that they both lose again (click here.)  The Nationals, who always struggle against the Braves, play them in Atlanta.  The O's, who struggle against everybody, play Minnesota at 1 p.m. and go for their 14th straight loss.  Note that Twins' starting pitcher Jose Berrios is 6-0 career wise against the O's.  I'm betting that both our boys lose again.  (Let's see if this reverse psychology or "buying a win" strategy really works.)

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday Spiritual

In Buzzy's Country Store the other day I heard this tune played on the radio and turned it up some to hear it better.  Thinking it was Taylor Dayne, I was then surprised when I heard that it was sung by Kathy Troccolli click here.

Kathy started out as a Christian singer, crossed over in the 90's and today heads up her faith-based Go Light Your World Foundation (click here.)   

Then there's this tune that she did with the Beach Boys.  Since it's Sunday, it should be noted that music really is better than religion when it comes to taking you on a spiritual trip isn't it? 

In spite of my attempts to conjure up a win for our home teams, both the O's and Nats lost yesterday. The O's lost twice as they played a double header. Undaunted, I'm guaranteeing that one of them will win today. (Scherzer is pitching for Washington, so that's where you may want to place your smart bet money.)

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Talking Baseball

Thought I better pick today to talk some baseball since neither the Orioles nor the Nationals lost yesterday.  I haven't been able to say that in awhile.  (Please note however, that the only reason I can say that neither of them lost is because they were both rained out yesterday and didn't play.)

That's about how bad it's been for the home teams two months into the season as both of them are below .500 and are last in their respective divisions.  Chubby Checker comes to mind as in "How low can you go?"

The O's in particular are really stinking things up as they are currently the worst team in baseball having recently lost 3 in a row in their battle with the Twins to not be the worst team.  The O's are on a ten game losing streak (including the game that the boys and I went to last week.)

From R-L - Shea, Brady, Shawn and Some Dude With a Kotex Around His Neck

Here's a little stat that may or may not tell you anything but does seem to sum up some of our home team blues - not scoring enough runs.  To date the Nationals have scored a total of 182 runs and currently rank 27th out of 30 teams in runs scored.  I know you're anticipating my next stat to be that the Orioles are one of the 3 teams ranked below the Nats, but believe it or not, the O's rank 24th with 194 runs scored.  / 2021 MLB Team Batting Stats | ESPN

The reason why I say that this stat may not tell you anything is that the Mets, at 148 runs, currently rank as the worst team in MLB in runs scored.  However, they still remain 4 games ahead of the Nationals and are a top of the NL East as the only division team playing above .500 ball (click here.)  So go figure how that can be.  (Shows just how lousy the NL East is this year and why the Nationals will still be a factor once their bats do come around.) 

As for the Orioles' divisional opponents, the Red Sox (#1 overall in runs scored with 264,) the Rays (259) and the Jays (252) are all in the top 5 ranking of runs scored.  The supposedly badass Yankees are ranked only 22nd with  198 runs scored just a few spots ahead of the Orioles.  Again, not sure what to make of that. 

No music video today, but how about a crazy baseball video for you instead?  It looks like something you'd see in a Little League game but actually went down in yesterday's Cubs-Pirates game.

O's will play at 5 today and we'll have the game on at Buzzy's Country Store for you to watch John Means go for his 5th win and break the O's losing streak.  Nationals will have their Jon, as in Lester, ready to go providing Mother Nature is cooperative in the DC area this evening.  

P.S. Even with both our home teams struggling as they are, it still feels good to be talking and thinking about baseball doesn't it!

Friday, May 28, 2021

More Buzzy Nick Names

J. Frank Raley Sr., Jonesy Norris, Buddy White and Tippy in Buzzy's

I have received several comments and suggested updates on my Buzzy Nick Name post from the other day (click here and read comments,) so let's take another shot at it with what we'll call Draft 2.   Additions are hi-lited.

P.S.  A couple folks have asked me about my brother Stevie's nickname of Bonehead.  I have purposely omitted it from the Buzzy List out of deference to my Mom who hated that nickname for him.  (She didn't even care for the shortened version of  Bone.)  Our Uncle Cotton got his nick name after he told someone that his hair was white like cotton.  Steve also brought his nick name upon himself when he made a comment that his head was hard like a bone. 

Music-wise I had a nice dream about someone last night.  It led me to this DMB song with the nice line in the second refrain "You're like my best friend after a good good drunk."  I know exactly what he's talking about there.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Remember the USS Lexington

Speaking of Memorial Day (previous post) I came upon this 2018 Jesse Yeatman Enterprise article on how the sinking of the aircraft carrier the USS Lexington led to the naming of our Lexington Park.  

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)
To learn more about the finding of the Lexington (click here) and/or watch the following video.  (Note that the musical choice in the video seems a little slack considering this is a war grave, but I guess the copyrights' owners of Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald wanted too much moola for that to be used instead.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Get Yer Motor Runnin'

 Monday Memorial Day - the Ridge Rumble awaits.

You know where to visit afterwards.

I once knew a nice lady named Eileen and she always comes to mind whenever I hear this tune.  (Note too that Jennifer Nettles is moving up my Women Who Rock list of favorites.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Giving Two Shits (And More Stupid Sayings)

A few weeks ago I saw this sports headline discussing the Jets trading their quarterback:

Jets GM: 'I could give 2 shits about' looking bad after Darnold trade | theScore.com

I smile whenever I hear someone in Buzzy's Country Store say something along these lines such as "I could give two shits about that" or it's variation "I don't give two shits about that."  It always makes me want to follow up and ask the person "Well, does that mean you give one shit about it?"  

Just where and when did giving 2 shits become a thing or a saying?   I started to Google it and "run it to ground" as they say; but to tell you the truth,  i.e. "not to shit you" I really didn't give even 1 shit about doing so.  

Hence, I'll leave that up to you to waste your time on "going down that rabbit hole" another crazy saying that seems to get said an awful lot by the cable news bozo's.   

P.S.  The only reason I gave 1 shit about the Jets' quarterback situation had to do with former Ravens' QB Joe Flacco being released by the Jets after he had started several games for them last season.  Good news is that Joe has "landed on his feet" so to speak in that he recently signed with the Eagles.  From a Raven to an Eagle, Joe's career is certainly "for the birds" isn't it?

And speaking of birds, the other day at the Orioles' game in Camden Yards they played the following tune that I've included here previously for you but is worth a second spin.  Like Ronnie would say "Turn it up."  P.S. P.S. Todd was finally voted into the Rock n Roll HoF after several years of being overlooked.  He should have been in there all along if for no other reason than this song!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Buzzy Nicknames

The St. Mary's County Historical Society held a dinner meeting this past weekend with the focus on nicknames.  They provided the following list of County folks with nicknames: 

Pete Himmelheber and my buddy Pat Woodburn discussed how nicknames came to be so prevalent throughout the County and how they would often replace a person's given name for the rest of their lives.   All in all it was a great review of something that we all take for granted. 

In his introduction of Pat, Pete noted that just about everybody in Ridge had a nickname.  Pat then discussed a number of South County folks with unique nicknames such as Britches Carroll and Dictater Cullison.   He told a story of someone asking him if he knew Cotton to which Pat replied "I know Cotton and both his brothers Buzzy and Tinkie."

And speaking of Buzzy, all this talk of nicknames got me thinking about the many folks who have rolled thru the Store and have had a nickname.  With assistance from Kim Wiley, we came up with the following list of Buzzy Nicknames.  (As Pete and Pat did with their above list, we'll call this Draft 1 because I'm sure there are more names to be added to it.) 

Let me know of any others you can think of that should be added to the Buzzy list.  As Pete said, just about everybody in Ridge has a nickname and that's particularly the case with all our Buzzy folks.  For example, some others that I can think of who should be on the Buzzy list include Tippy, Bird and Shorty but I need to do some more research on their "real" names.  (Note also, that I purposely omitted those folks with "initial nicknames" such as P.J., L.P., J.W., G.B. etc. because there are so many of those.)  

Now, as for whether or not we should add Horsecock to the Buzzy list of nicknames and identify who that is, well, that's a discussion for another day.

P.S.  The Historical Society is a great organization to be part of.  Their quarterly newsletter is very well done, their dues are very reasonable and they don't really bug you to do anything other than show up at their dinner meetings.  Like I said - a great organization!  Click here for info on how to join.

Although Sue was his given name and not his nickname in this tune, Johnny's take here is still the all time best "name song" ever:


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Shaw's Old Country Store

Because it is Sunday, I Googled "Prayers for a Country Store" just to see if there were any prayers aimed at the few of us still around.  I didn't find any which tells me something I guess in that ain't nobody praying for no country stores.    

However, while I didn't find any prayers specifically for a country store, I did find several for small business owners such as this one (click here.)  It's worth a once over, particularly if you are a small business during these challenging times of too much work and not enough help.    

Somewhere in my internet gyrations on this subject though, I did manage to land on the following article (click  here) that discussed the recent death of Clark Shaw the owner of The Old Country Store Restaurant in Jackson, Tennessee.  My first thought was "What's this got to do with praying for a country store?"  

Turns out that Clark was quite the Christian who not only talked the talk but walked the walk as a man of God.   He took over the Old Country Store restaurant from his parents Agnes and Brooks Shaw, who started it in 1965, and turned it into a very successful enterprise ultimately located in the Casey Jones Village.  Check out this video: 

To catch some of the testimonials about how Clark and how his faith impacted his approach to life matters (click here and watch the filmed memorial to him.  

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cheap Sunglasses

A customer in Buzzy's Country Store the other day asked if I had any sunglasses for sale.  Knowing full well that I did not, my eyes nevertheless instinctively  went to the area above the calendar where Buzzy used to have sunglasses for sale.  It crossed my mind - maybe, just for old times sake, I should get a stash of sunglasses to have displayed up there.

Michael, Jeannie and JC Hofmeister My Nephews and Niece (Note Old Produce Case Behind Them)
Only one song to be played after that little moment of insight right?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Rich Brewer Photography

Rich Brewer loved taking photo's of lightning.  He had the following shot framed and displayed on his office wall at the College:

From Rich's FB Page 
Several years ago when he was living on Trapp Road, Rich took a number of shots of lightning over Monks Inn.  I posted the following on the Buzzyblog.

To see the other photos he took of lightning striking Monks (click here.)

And while speaking of Rich and things photographic, here is a photo that he posted on his FB page.  Note - he didn't mention who took the photo, but he did identify who was in it (below.)
Sitting: Shaine Gahan, Jimbo Matters, Larry Johnson: 2nd row; Jake Jacobs, Denny Shaneybrook, Jimmy Jamieson, Arthur Shepherd, JC McKibben, John Ahearn, Keith Noe, Pete Koch. Standing: Kevin Smith, Steve Whorl, Andy Chovanes, Chas Hinchcliffe, Rich, Ben Bryan, Chic Baroniak, Tyrone Harris

For obvious reasons this tune came to mind;