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Monday, October 25, 2021

From the Book of Merton

Whenever I am feeling down and adrift, I will consult with Father Thomas Merton to see what he's got to say to me.   

Some days, what he has to say doesn't make much sense.  He talks a lot about nature and spirituality and his words won't resonant with me given the feelings I am feeling on that particular day.  Although I will try to reconcile Merton's message for the day with how I am feeling,  some days it simply just doesn't work.     

However, there are some days, like today, where he will hit me with his best shot when I am dealing with several issues.  This was his daily meditation for today titled No New Fires: 


Thank you, Father.

And since I quoted it, here is the song made famous by Pat Benatar but used to good effect in the movie Rock of Ages starring Catherine Zeta and company:

Sunday, October 24, 2021


23 Nov 1951 - 24 October 2021


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Eleven Years Later

Guess what? It was a Saturday on 23 October 11 years ago. How do I know this? The Buzzyblog told me.
My lazy substitute for not having anything else to say today. I may do better tomorrow, but it's doubtful. Keep coming back anyway if nothing else than for the music.

Friday, October 22, 2021

More Cars

Thank you to LarryYeatman for sending this video my way with a note that my Buzzy car show folks will like it.

There was also a Part 1 video  (click here.)

Thursday, October 21, 2021

MLB Salaries - May the Poorest Team Win

I was asked by a friend before this MLB Championship round started which 2 teams I was rooting for among the 4 remaining teams.  When I responded the Astros and the Braves my questioner wanted to know why them.   (This person was a Nationals' fan and wondered why I would not be pulling for the Dodgers who have former Nats' Scherzer and Turner on their team.) 

I then explained to my friend how I have a simple formula for picking among teams that I don't really care about one way or the other.  (A quick clarification here - the Red Sox don't really need to be in my formula because I never root for them anyway even when they play the Yankees.  And rooting for the Yankees is something that I never thought I would be admitting  to.)   

Back to my formula, it is one that my Grandfather Harry Raley first laid on me as to why we never root for the Yankees.  It has to do with money.  Harry said we should always root for the cheaper team(s.)   By cheaper, he meant the teams that have the lower overall payroll salaries.  

Here then, check out the top team salary rankings for the 2021 season and you will see that all 4 current playoff teams are in the top 13:

MLB Payroll 2000 - 2021 - Fueled by Sports

At the bottom of the team salaries rankings are the Orioles and the Pirates.  Anyone surprised that they were also 2 of the 3 worst teams in baseball this year?  (The Arizona Diamondbacks were officially tied with the Orioles as the worst team in baseball this year, but surprisingly the D'backs' total team payroll was ranked 19th overall.  I think a bunch of injuries may explain that anomaly, but I'm not real sure.  (For a related and funny article on the D'backs' problems this year click here.)   Here then are the salary totals for the 4 cheapest teams.
When you look at individual player salaries, you will see that there are 14 players (4 of whom play for the Dodgers, 2 for the Astros and 1 for the Red Sox) who each make more money than the entire Pirate payroll:
Who are the highest-paid MLB players in 2021? (msn.com)

Note that I got these charts from 2 different sources which explains why the Pirates team salary totals differ on each chart.  If I weren't so lazy, I would try and reconcile that discrepancy but you get the overall drift of what I'm trying to point out here - the Pirates didn't spend a lot of their money on payroll!.   
Back to my baseball friend questioner, he followed up by asking me how I could root for the Astros given their history of cheating.  I resisted turning the comment on him as to how could he root for the Red Sox when it was their manager who was coaching the Astros and doing all that cheating in the first place?  (Note that the Sox manager Alex Cora was even punished last year by having to sit out a whole year for his role in the cheating scandal (click here for article on Sox vs. Stros)  

Instead, I simply replied to my friend "Dusty.  You got to root for Dusty."  My friend pointed out that my formula would then only work if the Astros played the Dodgers in the World Series.  He asked me "Who you got if it's the Braves and the Astros?"  I told him I'd have to wait and see.  (For you non-baseball fans, Dusty is Dusty Baker the Astros manager, who has been a baseball lifer but has always come up short in the post season (click here.)

The series moves back to Houston tomorrow night where Dusty and his guys have 2 shots at winning 1 game to make it to the World Series.  It's about time for the Baseball Gods to smile on him don't you think?   Go Stros!

Always liked this catchy Deano tune written by Lee Hazelwood if nothing else because of its humorous lyrics.  Supposedly, the percussion sound at the song's beginning and end is a spoon tapping on a Coke bottle.  At last, an instrument that even I can play!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Flag at Half Staff

Every day when I round the road by Leonard Dean's house and see the flag flying at Buzzy's Country Store I get a little rush at how cool it looks.  From that angle, you can't really see the Store at first, but the flag you can't miss and when it's waving in the breeze it is a beautiful sight to me.  Of all the things that I have done at the Store these past 14 years, the flagpole is probably my second proudest accomplishment.  (Just keeping the place open of course has been my Number 1 accomplishment thanks to all my friends who continue to drop in and support Buzzy's like they do.) 

Maintenance-wise, having the flag flying in front of Buzzy's is not a problem.  Every couple years I may have to replace the flag itself and it's halyard hooks but that's about it.  In the event of a bad storm, I may take the flag down, but overall it is a set and forget operation.  Forget that is, until I come around Leonard's turn everyday and marvel at how cool it looks.

All that said however, there is one minor flag issue that I did not anticipate when I had it installed:  monitoring and keeping up with the half-staff proclamations that mandate the flag be lowered for a couple days or sometimes weeks.  Lately, these proclamations seem to be coming out more and more frequently as folks die off, or in the case of mass shootings, get killed off.   

I guess I could just ignore worrying about it, but as always, I want to at least try and do the right thing.  (The key word there is want in that what I want is not always what I do.)   However, with regards to the flag being at half-staff when so directed, I will always try and follow the notices to do so.   I even landed on a website that will send out an email notifying you when to lower it (click here.)  

As to why the flag is lowered, it goes way back to the 17th century but sounds too much like a history lesson for me to go into here.  (Also, I was a little surprised to learn that it is a custom done world wide in that most every country, including the Communist ones and even those crazy Middle East nutbags, will lower their flags on occasion.  If you are curious about all this (click here.)  

Leave it to Johnny to still have the best flag song ever recorded:

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Two Weekend Events

This past weekend I attended Tammy and Brian Shaw's wedding on Saturday and then a Ravens' football game on Sunday.  Given how each of these events fell exactly 24 hours apart it allowed me to do some mental comparisons of the similarities and differences in attending both these events back to back.

First the similarities.  Both events had a starting time of 1:00 o'clock each day and involved having an invitation/ticket to attend.  Both required some travel to get to and from.  Both were outside (albeit one on St. Jerome's Creek in Dameron and the other one in a stadium up in Baltimore.)  

Harley, Todd (Tammy's brother,) Tammy, Sara Brenzo, Brian and His Son Jamie

Shea at "The Bank"

Both involved mixing and mingling with folks before, during and after the ceremonies.  While I knew many people at the wedding, I didn't know anyone other than Shea at the game.  But everyone at both events watched and cheered for the home team - Tammy and Brian at the wedding and of course the Ravens in B'more.   Both events had food and refreshments and both were great times on two beautiful fall days.

Now for the dissimilarities.  For the wedding, the invite specified "casual attire."  Even so, I had to dress up some and try to look as presentable as I can at this advanced age in my life.  On the other hand, for the football game it doesn't matter how you appear even to the point where the more you are dressed down the better off you are.  

Second big difference - while going and getting to Tammy and Brian's wedding was very easy and enjoyable, the football game was not so much.  (Pam and I had the added pleasure of having Charlie Simms ride along with us to the wedding.  Any time spent with and talking to Charlie is time well spent.)

The 2 hour drive to B'more Sunday was one thing, but on top of that I worried about parking and whether or not my Stub Hub-purchased tickets would actually get us in.  Because this was my first Stub Hub experience, I didn't fully trust the process just because I'm an old school foggy who wants my paper tickets in hand when going to an event. 

It turned out that my worries were for nothing as Shea and I got in without a problem.  There were even a couple young ladies roaming around the entrance gates sporting "Digital Ticket Assistance" signs knowing there would be rubes like me who didn't know what we were doing.

Another big difference in the two events is that Tammy and Brian later brought the wedding party to Buzzy's Country Store to continue their celebration.  My thanks to them for having their reception and first married party at Buzzy's!  

Following the football game, Shea and I drove home after a very long day with a stop at McDonalds for a cheeseburger dinner.  (I thought about Tammy and Brian having Mission Barbeque cater their event.)  But it was all good!  Both events were great fun and I had a great time attending them. 

A weekend to remember and my thanks to Jennifer, BJ and Chris for watching the Store for me while I did all this fun stuff.

And speaking of twos, here are Bruce and Stevie on it with a nice wedding song for Tammy and Brian:

Monday, October 18, 2021

Facebook Pot Pourri

I try not to spend too much time on Facebook.  My rationale is that I only have so many minutes left here on this third rock from the sun, so why should I waste them on something like FB when I can be wasting them on more useful and fun things like sports and music. 

That said however, I do give  FB the 5 to 10 minutes a day that it takes me to "drop the kids off at the pool" if you know what I mean.  (If you don't get what I mean, then Google it.)   Accordingly then, here are some things that crossed my poop deck - literally!

First up is a response on FB that I saw regarding a recent post about Buzzy's Country Store:

That someone who commented was Ira whose birth at Buzzy's Country Store I have discussed previously here on the Buzzyblog (click here.)

Next up are a couple of FB jokes that made me smile:


And then a couple of FB memes that passed my "not bad" test:

Also, I ran across this scary FB item.  I say scary because I wonder whether or not it is a true story; and something tells me that it is!

Last but certainly not least, this cartoon sums up the importance, or lack thereof, of FB:
At the Ravens game yesterday they played their beat down tunes as the Ravens rolled over the Chargers.  This Pearl Jam song kicked in and reminded me what a great tune it is:

Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Honey Badger

When he intercepted Lamar Jackson twice in the first quarter of the Chiefs-Ravens game a few weeks ago, I thought that I recognized Ty Mathieu's name enough to wonder "Hey, wasn't he the Honey Badger?"  

Sure enough, it was him even though neither Al Michaels nor Collingsworth at the time referred to him as such.  Thus, I wondered what ever happened to Honey Badger as Ty's nickname?  Too, it made me think "Just what the hell is a honey badger anyway."

Here is what I learned:  Ty got his nickname while playing for LSU when a coach played the following video and compared Ty's style of playing to that of a honey badger (click here.)
Even though Ty wasn't exactly happy with the nickname, it stuck and he became such a well known college star that after his sophomore year he finished high up in the Heisman Trophy voting.  (High up is the key phrase here because eventually he got suspended from the team for pot-related offenses before dropping out and declaring for the NFL draft.)  

Somewhere along the way, Ty also let it be known that he didn't particularly care for the nickname Honey Badger.  That explains why he doesn't get referred to as the Honey Badger anymore.  

Today, he prefers to be known as The Landlord (click here.)  Hey, Ty, doesn't matter what you prefer, you're always gonna be known as The Honey Badger!

Ty and the Chiefs play the WFT today and you may hear his name mentioned here and there.  See if Honey Badger doesn't slide somewhere into the conversation.

Not one of my favorite Beatles' tunes but it does mention Honey a lot:

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Pearcy's General Merchandise

The other day I showed an Alan Jackson video, The Little Man, that contained a scene where he was playing in front of a small store named Pearcy's.  Naturally, it piqued my interest so I hit the old search engine and tracked Pearcy's down.

It is located south east of Nashville in Lascassas, Tennessee.  According to their FB page (click here) Pearcy's is an Agricultural Service.  They describe themselves as follows:

(I think they probably meant "hardware" but regardless, you get the idea of what they are offering.)

Their FB photos section contains numerous photos such as these:
Their FB page also includes this painting shown here that depicts their old front porch.

Musically, it seems I'm on a roll when it comes to the song With a Little Help From My Friends.  My friend Kim Wiley informed me that the tune was performed just Wednesday night at the Country Music Awards show.  Here for you, and I promise you, the last version of this song that I will pass along:

P.S. for a good article on the state of today's country music scene (click here.)

Friday, October 15, 2021

50 Years and We're Still on Buzzy's Front Porch

 A final post today on this year's Buzzy Car Show involves going back some 50 years ago when I took this photo:

Me, Dickie, Greg, Joe Clark, Stevie and Robby

It was in 1972 and we were celebrating my Brother Stevie's return home from Viet Nam.  Hence, him wearing his GI garb.  

To get the photo, I set the camera on a tripod, hit the timer button and jumped in just as Joe was about to flip the one finger salute.   I was drinking Jack and Coke with a beer chaser, Dickie, Greg and Stevie each had a beer and Robby was knocking back a bottle of Boone's Farm.

As noted, that was 1/2 a century ago.  At this year's Car Show, Robby and Greg's niece Melissa, pointed out to me that the 4 of us in the original photo were all present and suggested that we re-do the photo.  I am forever grateful that she did so.  Here we are, the four of us a little older, grayer and rounder but still smiling.

Photos by Linda Lepper
With Joe and Brother Stevie no longer with us, Dickie, Greg, Robby and I had a quick conversation as to whom we should have join us in the re-shoot.  Pat Guy and Bobby were unanimous choices even if we couldn't fit them in with us between the porch posts.  (I guess those posts have moved closer together thru the years.)
Reminds me of a Paul Simon song about old friends sitting on a bench that contains the line "How terribly strange to be 70."   Considering that my Brother Stevie and Joe didn't make it to 70,  I don't necessarily agree with that line.   That my "old" friends are still here with me makes the whole aging thing a little easier knowing and sharing that we all made it this far.  I do get by with.......

I showed you the Joe Cocker at Woodstock version of it just yesterday, but check out this take of With a Little Help from the movie Across the Universe.  Doing dumb things with friends uh, yeah I can relate to that.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Iron Butterfly - By The Time They Didn't Get to Woodstock

A quick followup to yesterday's post where I discussed the Iron Butterfly boys responsible for inflicting the 8 minute song In-a-gadd-da-vida on us.  I stumbled on this juicy little bit of trivia on how they were supposed to have performed at Woodstock.  The following account is from Wikipedia:

Sounds like Mr. Morris was a little bit of a Father Trucker kinda guy who was not gonna let some 2nd rate band manager boss him around.   Not sure that it was a wise decision on the manager's part because Woodstock certainly made the careers of a number of bands and performers who did appear at the event.  

For example, I remember a conversation at Frostburg College with a guy who was in charge of the entertainment committee that scouted and selected musical groups to play at the College.  He told me how they could have gotten Richie Havens to come perform for less than $2,000 the year before he appeared at Woodstock.  However, when they went back to him after Woodstock and the movie, they learned  Richie's fee had shot up to $20,000 per appearance.  Nothing like a little exposure as they say. 

Iron Butterfly's manager obviously ignored one of life's basic principles - you get by with a little help from your friends.  Joe, who was a headliner at Woodstock, knew that lesson well:

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Car Show Redux/Finale

Some more photos and a video from Sunday's event.  I made the video earlier in the afternoon before all of the 30+ vehicles eventually filled up the parking lot as shown in the photos below:

Brian Barnhill Photo

Brian Barnhill Photo

Ned Pratt Photo

First Arrivers - Jack, LP, David Adams, Charlotte Long, Donald Goddard and son Donald Jr. 
Jack and LP were the first to roll into Buzzy's Country Store Sunday morning with their vehicles, but shortly afterwards my Second District neighbors and friends rolled in with theirs'.  I managed to catch all of them chilling on Buzzy's Hill before things got crowded and chaotic later on in the day. 

I prefer and enjoy the "chilling" parts of the Buzzy Car Show much more so than I do the chaotic parts when the road show stuff begins.  After all these years, I am still not comfortable when the Buzzy Car Show gets "taken to the streets" and that becomes the focus as shown here in Brian's photo:
As someone noted Sunday "Alcohol, rednecks and fast cars, what could possibly go wrong?"  Answer - a lot.  Thus, the 2021 Buzzy Car Show is, was and will be the last one.  It was real, it was fun, but it's been done.   Yes, I think and say this every year right after the event, but this year it's feeling like the plug has been pulled on the Buzzy Car Show.  We will do some Sunday car day(s) here and there thru the year, but no more of these in-a-gadda-da-vida shenanigans.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Clint Crooning

To get my motor running for the Buzzy Car Show, I re-watched Clint's Gran Torino last week.   I had watched it many years ago, but did not catch the credits at the movie's end where Clint sings the theme song. 

Wanting to hear it again, I went looking for the Clint-and-end-credits' version on Youtube, but could not track it down.  I did manage however, to find him singing on the following video that contains some nice fall photos:

But this was not Clint's first time singing in a movie.  I discovered that he has done so a couple other times (click here.)  Following is from Paint Your Wagon Yellow where Clint sings about Talking to the Trees.   (I think I know just how he feels because sometimes in Buzzy's I get that same feeling!) 
Note: I still have several car show photos to pass along and will do so later.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Buzzy Car Show 2021

 Here is a brief video and some photos from yesterday's Buzzy Car Show:

It was very nice affair and my thanks to all who showed up and in particular to all you folks who brought down such a great collection of classic cars.  Also, big thanks to those of you who catered the affair with all the food and great deserts that you brought to share with everyone.  And of course my thanks to Jennifer Odell, Chris Bender and Michele Lengel for all their work behind the counter and keeping folks liquified..    

And too, a thank you to Jimmy Cullison of Bay Forest Tree Service for his efforts in making sure that it was a walnut-free event:

Always a good combination - sunshine and cars whether at Buzzy's or in a song.  Bruce and his El Camino know just what I'm talking about:

Sunday, October 10, 2021

First Buzzy Car Show

Someone in the Store the other day asked me when was the first Buzzy Car Show.  Whenever I get asked this question it always makes me pause  because it brings up a bittersweet memory for me.  Here's why.

The first Buzzy Car Show in 2009 wasn't even the main reason for the event as seen in the flyer here.

Flag Day, 14 June that year fell on a Sunday and therefore it seemed like a good day to install the new flag pole and have some cars on hand while we did so.  However, Buzzy passed away on 9 June causing me to cancel the event. 

It was eventually held a month later.   Here is my next-day recap of that first Buzzy Car Show even though it wasn't officially named a car show (click here.)  Note too that we originally featured cars and bikes but I soon learned that the motorcycle bubbas took up way too much room. (There's a "hog" joke/pun to be made in there somewhere.)  In subsequent years, I held it to cars only.)

Another memory I have of that first car show is Capt. Jimmy Cullison and several helpers putting the flag pole up just as a thunder storm was approaching.  Here is a shot of Joey Porter pointing over at the lightening that was starting up as Jimmy and company were installing the pole.   

I remember my Piney Point Postmaster Brenda Elwood, who was in the Bushmill Band performing at the event, telling me the Monday after the event, "J. Scott, that was pretty exciting watching all you Ridge boys putting that flag pole up with the thunder storm rolling in."  Had to agree with her.

The rain today is supposed to hold off so swing by later if you can.  Note that we won't be trying to put up any flag poles.

The popular take is that Fogerty wrote this tune about Viet Nam but he has also said it was more about him playing at Woodstock watching everyone partying in the rain.  Pretty cool that the song could have two such different interpretations wouldn't you say?

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Red, White and Blue at Buzzy's


Photo by Jan Kiger
At the Buzzy Car Show I usually try and ensure that the 3 vehicles right in front of the Store are red, white and blue.  A couple Sundays ago Jan Kiger took this photo of 3 trucks that just happened to roll into Buzzy's for a visit and randomly parked as you see above.  The white one is Jan's 59 Ford Little Mary named after her Mom (click here for that story.)   The red truck is LP's 51 Ford and the 57 Chevy belongs to someone who was just riding by and pulled in.   

All of this is just a round about way of me telling you that there will be some cars and trucks of many colors tomorrow at Buzzy's Country Store.  Parking may be a little tight so car pool with friends if you can. 

And speaking of little country stores, ok, I wasn't really but I do so enough to justify passing along this great Alan Jackson tune that sure rings true and hits a little too close to home:

Friday, October 8, 2021

Charlie - 95 Years Young!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes to Charlie Simms who turns 95 today.  Through the years here on the Buzzyblog, I have done several posts on what a remarkable person Charlie is and what a great life he has lived and continues to live.  (For a review of those items that I've posted here on the blog (click here.)  

It did make me wonder about the number of folks who are living into their 90's.  Turns out that the percentage of 90 year olds has tripled in the last 20 years (click here.)   Among those numbers are several famous 95 year olds  still around and still getting it done e.g. that Queen Bee Babe over in London (click here for a listing of famous 95 year olds.)    

One of those famous 95 year olds, Tony Bennett, was recently featured on 60 minutes where they discussed his battle with Alzheimer's.  Note how at the 4:45 mark, when the music starts to play, Tony steps it up. 

Maybe at his birthday get together later today at Buzzy's, we can talk Charlie into singing a song for us.  I'm betting he could do so and would even give Tony a run for his money.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

October Birthdays Galore

Of all the months in the year, October is the busiest birthday month at Buzzy's Country Store.  With a total of 19 October birthdays that the Buzzy Family celebrates, it is the most of any month.   Guess that that is only appropriate because Buzzy's birthday fell on October 11th.  Just like Bernie Sevel in yesterday's post, Buzzy would have notched 97 this time around were he still here with us.  

But on the upside of Buzzy's-would-be-birthday-celebration, it is nice that the 11th is being formally recognized as a National Holiday in his honor.  (OK, so it is not "official" but hey, if they can monkey around with switching it from Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day why not switch up and call it Buzzy Day?!) 

But just to see if my small Buzzy sampling of what month has the most birthdays correlated to some national trends, the folks who track these things show that August is the most popular birth month (click here.)  My Buzzy totals for August are only 11.   My theory as to why October is Buzzy's busiest has to do with January being our coldest month of the winter.   All those couples a cuddlin' and nine months later - baby makes three. 

While we have already celebrated a couple of October birthdays at Buzzy's this month, check out the ones that we have still to celebrate:

Rita (Cole) Murphy's is today.  Mark Dominiak's is also today.  Tomorrow, we will be having a very special get together for Charlie Simms in recognition of him turning 95.  Stop and think about just how cool that is to be in some jook joint place like Buzzy's drinking and partying with a 95 year old celebrating his birthday.  Uh, it just doesn't happen too often so swing by and wish Charlie a good one.

As for other Buzzy birthdays the rest of October my good neighbor Doug Byrne celebrates on the 9th, Robby Norris the 12th, Chief Larry and Janet Whitt 15th, Joey Porter 17th, Bev Hall 18th, Pam Koon 22nd, Puggie Pulliam 24th, Connie Lynch 25th, David Norris 28thWinky the 29th, Ned Pratt and Bruce Price on the 31st.  So save the date, put it on your iphone or whatever it is you do to remind yourself of things you want to do and plan on dropping into Buzzy's to wish these folks a happy one. 

Speaking of getting older, couple of geezers here got together to lay down a somewhat depressing and bleak tune that, ironically enough, inspires me to NOT want to waste away any of the days that I have left here in this country store called life.  I think the Zimmerman said it best when he sang "he not busy being born is busy dying."

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Bernie Sevel - Nathan Shuman's Grandson

This past Saturday Jon Sevel and his 97 year old dad Bernie made the trip down from Baltimore to visit Buzzy's Country Store.  Buzzy's was started by Bernie's Grandfather Nathan Shuman.  Bernie spent summers at the store and related several great memories and stories from his time spent there.  The following is from Jon's FB page:

Bernie confirmed that the Store was indeed relocated from Pt. Lookout at the War's end. He told about his grandfather having had the store rolled up from the Prison Camp pulled by 2 oxen and eventually situated where it now stands. (For previous post I did on this (click here.)

It was great to have heard such an eyewitness discuss the store's origins and history and legacy.   I hope Bernie makes several more return visits to Buzzy's and tell us more.

Music-wise here is a nice Maroon 5 tune that reminded me of the quote "The best thing about memories is making them."

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Twofer Tuesday - Rivalries

 The Yankees and Red Sox Play a one game wild card elimination game tonight.  Their rivalry falls into what I refer to as my "Good, one of them has got to lose" file.  Only a couple sports rivalries fall into this file - Duke vs. North Carolina and whenever The Steelers play New England.

All in all it got me thinking about sports' greatest overall rivalries.  I found this excellent list ranking the 100 Most Heated Rivalries in sports.  (Again I dub it an "excellent" list because all you have to do is scroll thru it as opposed to doing the click/slide show thing.)

Sure enough the Yankees/Sox comes in at #8 on the rankings as follows:

My other "one's-got-to-lose" Duke/Carolina matchup also made the list and was ranked #10:

As for the Steelers vs. New England, it was not on the list but the Steelers vs. my Ravens earned a spot at #39:

The Cowboys/Redskins (#31) rivalry ranked ahead of the Steelers/Ravens.  For all you car buffs, Ford vs. Chevrolet came in at #82 with this to say:

Back to baseball for a moment, although the Yankees/Sox game will garner alot of attention tonight, the Vegas folks are not giving either of them much of a chance to win this years' World Series:

Note that the Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals are the least favored to win it all.  And while I would never bet on the Yankees nor the Red Sox, if I absolutely had to have some betting action on the MLB post season, I would have to bet on my second favorite baseball team the Cardinals to win it all this year.  The Cards have played some great ball down the stretch and in the post season that's all you can ask for - play some good ball and good things will happen.  However, they start off playing the Dodgers and would then have to play the Giants, so the oddsmakers know that they have a very tough road ahead of them.  Let the games begin however.  (Note that the Dodgers vs. the Giants is ranked #11 on the rivals' listing:)

And speaking of rivals competing with one another, check out Taylor trying to be a bad ass: