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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Knowledge Is Power aka Have You Seen the Light?

 Some things for your consideration:

(20+) Daily Engineering | Facebook

Hank Wiiliams wrote this tune in 1947 after his Mother, who was driving him home from a gig, woke him up to tell him "I saw the light" as she drove into Montgomery, Alabama (click here.)  Hank took it from there and wrote this song.  Full disclosure - all these years I had just assumed that it was some Gospel tune/Negro spiritual.  That knowledge-power thing again.  Check out this version of it from the Orange is the New Black Season 1 finale:

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Baltimore Sports

A few weeks back I did a twofer blogpost on the Orioles having notched back-to-back feats involving Jim Gentile's two grand slams and Eddie Murray's consecutive games of hitting switch hit home runs from each side of the plate.

Well, last night the Orioles as a team notched another back-to-back event when for the second game in a row they won with a walk off home run.  On Thursday their victory was against the Yankees and last night's was against Tampa Bay in an extra innings.   Good article here recapping the game (click here.)  Following video also shows you the hi-lites of what was a wild and crazy game.

Little background info for you - the Orioles had not beaten Tampa Bay since 2020 and had lost 15 consecutive times to them. It got me wondering if that was a record and I was pleasantly surprised to learn the following from a Wiki listing Major League Baseball's longest winning streaks:
Ah yes, a hit from the past and the Orioles' glory days. Kinda ironic isn't it that the Royals also broke their losing streak with a walkoff home run just as the O's did last night. 

Later today at Buzzy's Country Store we will have the Preakness running set to go off at 7 pm.  The Preakness bubbas have the infield back open as it was pre-Covid and are anticipating 100,000 in attendance.  Wonder if the running of the Porta Potties is back?

Friday, May 20, 2022

Billy Hill - Halfway House and St. Mary's Landing Restaurants

Billy Hill passed away last month. To read his obit (click here.)  He is best known for running two iconic restaurants in the Charlotte Hall/Mechanicsville areas - the Halfway House and St. Mary's Landing.  (Note I did a previous post a few years back on Billy and his ownership of St. Mary's Landing (click here.) The following is an excerpt from his obit:

St. Mary's County Library Microfilm Collection -- Microfilm Image Viewer (archivalweb.com)

After selling the Halfway House in 2001, Billy then purchased St. Mary's Landing in Charlotte Hall.  This also from his obit:
I first met and got to know Billy when I joined the Licensed Beverage Association in 2008 and Billy was President of it at the time.  He was not only very helpful to me in my new capacity as bar owner but he also told me several Buzzy stories from his time when he was a beer delivery man.  For a related post I did about Billy and a not-so-good recollection (click here.)

And speaking of restaurants and bars, here is a nice little tune from the three Bondesson sisters who go by the name Baskery:

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Reagan's Day

 Happy Birthday Reagan! 

No matter how old you ever get, you will always be my baby girl.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Kellie and George at Buzzy's Where You Will Always Be Treated Like a Local

This past Sunday my friend Kellie Hinkle, her Husband George and their friend Kimsley visited Buzzy's Country Store.  Kellie is the Deputy Director of St. Mary's Economic Development Department and was a big help to me during the County's Covid grants' process.   

Sunday when they rolled into Buzzy's wearing their Hawaiian shirts, I told them that I had debated just that morning wearing one of my Hawaiian shirts and thus re-start Buzzys Hawaiian Shirt Sundays.   

I particularly liked, in her FB comments below, Kellie's note that at Buzzy's "you will always be treated like a local."  That's high praise indeed!  (I can hear some of my cynical locals saying "What?  He's gonna treated you as badly as he does us!?")  Nonetheless, thank you Kellie and come back as often as you can do so.

Here's Jimmy talking about a place with lots of locals who also don't care where you're from:

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Twofer Tuesday - Two Girls and Two Guys

Somewhere in my Buzzyblog ramblings I came upon this photo of me and my two daughters Ryan and Reagan when we were all in Hawaii back in 2010.  (Note that I should probably photoshop those two dudes in the background but they always make me laugh when my eye wanders to them and I wonder - what were they looking at.

It was a timely find for me because Reagan's birthday is this coming Thursday the 19th and Ryan just called me the other day to chat.  She said that she had been thinking about me.  Very nice.

That both my daughters are so far away gives me pause.  However, the good news is that with all the texting and info sharing and back and forth they don't seem so far away.  Guess there are some good things to be said about social media and technology after all.

Nice little get-back-home song for folks who find themselves somewhere else:

Monday, May 16, 2022

Mike Case - Winner of Barbecue Cookoff

 Winner of Saturday's Ameican Legion Barbecue Cookoff Mike Case and his right hand man Pat Guy celebrating their victory at Buzzy's yesterday:

Sunday at Buzzy's

Saturday at the Americam Legion.  Pat Representing in His Buzzy Hoodie
Here is a BBQ song for you featuring the Rev. Billy Gibbons on lead guitar at 1:20 mark. Can't mistake that ZZ Top sound can you? 
Only fitting that today is National Barbecue Day (click here.)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

"God Broke Our Hearts"

Tromping around St. Michael's Cemetary the other day, I visited Lindy McKay's resting spot where the following caught my eye:

I later learned that it was his Granddaughter Kayla who had placed the Pop Poem on his grave.  The poem was written in 1939 by a lady in memory of her mother who had just passed away (click here.)  

I have played this "death song" previously, but check out this version where Bruce joins Jakob and Company on it in a performance at the 1997 MTV Video Awards Show:

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Sons of the Ridge American Legion Barbecue Cookoff Today


Good cause, lots of fun, and great food.  So check it out.  What's a little rain in the forecast?  After you get your fill of BBQ and Legionnaire bonhomie, just 1 mile south of the American Legion there is a nice little watering hole to help you relax and wash it all down.

This is still one of my favorite front-of-the-Store-photos:  my Dad and Bruno posing between the Buzzy truck and Murphy's beat up Chevette with the Store behind them featuring a cluttered porch, dark green trim and the old kerosene pump.  Classic shot even if I still don't know who took the photo.

How's bout some music to barbecue and drink to from Kenney:

Friday, May 13, 2022

St. Francis Xavier First Chapel at Newtowne

Couple weeks ago my friend Steve Raley directed me to the recently-constructed replica of the first chapel at St. Francis Church Cemetary.  Steve told me how his parish had recently built this replica of the 1600's small chapel on its original site adjacent the cemetary.  (This explains why the current St. Francis Xavier Chruch, built in the 1770's, is a little ways away from the cemetary.)  

The St. Francis Xavier website has several good articles and photos on their history (click here).  They also discuss how in 2012 they initiated a study on the location of the original chapel as part of their of their 350th anniversay (click here).  That  study was conducted by the late Scott Lawrence and his company Grave Concerns.   Scott passed away in 2018 (click here.)  Here he is talking about the 2012 study he and his crew conducted at Newtowne:

Thank you Steve! 

Musically, everyone remembers Elvis doing this tune.  However, years before him, the Orioles had a doo wop hit with it in 1953.  Even before them, the song was a country music hit by the song writers' son Darrell Glenn (click here.)  Think I still prefer the Orioles' version and not just because they won again yesterday!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Country Store Graves

At St. Michael's Cemetary the other day, I learned that all 3 of the owners of Country Stores in the Ridge, Maryland area back in the day now rest peacefully approximately 100 feet from each other.
Roaming around graveyards is always a mixed emotions kinda thing for me as I am not sure exactly how it makes me feel.   This song affects me the same way.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Eddie - Take 2

Quick follow-up to yesterday's post.  

After he retired from baseball, Eddie Murray began an association with the wine business.  He lent his name to a couple of limited edition cab savs to help raise money for the Babe Ruth Museum (click here for related story.)  

Recently, Baltimore-based Union Brewery has produced a craft beer named after Eddie:

Here is a review of the craft beer Steady Eddie (click here.)

But it was another fact about Eddie, that I wasn't aware until yesterday:  Eddie's Buzzy-connection is that his middle name is  Clarence:

Ed-die/Bu-zzy!  Sounds pretty cool eh?

Catchy little country music drinking song for you from Little Big Town:

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Consecutive Twofers O's Style

Today's Twofer Tuesday fell into my lap yesterday as I listened to the Orioles-KC early afternoon make up game.  Somewhere in the pre-game conversation it was noted that May 9th was a special day in Orioles' history for two reasons.  First off, on 9 May 1961 Jim Gentile hit back-to-back Grand Slams in consecutive innings in one game.  (I have discussed this Twofer feat in a previous post (click here.)   Jim was the first in MLB history to accomplish that.

Secondly, in 1987 Eddie Murray became the first MLB player to hit a home run from each side of the plate as a switch hitter in 2 consecutive games. Eddie had hit switch hit homers in the previous game played on 8 May and then replicated that feat on 9 May.  The irony of Eddie notching these 4 homers in two days is that he had started off that 87 season in a bad slump.  However, true to his nickanme Steady Eddie, he remained calm and poised and eventually broke out of it.

Eddie Murray hits homers from both sides of plate in second straight game | Baseball Hall of Fame
Eddie would eventually eclipse the Mick with 11 switch hit games and hold that record until two ball players Nick Swisher (13) and Mark Teixeira (14) clipped him and his record (click here.)  

I always felt like Eddie, even though he is in baseball's Hall of Fame, never really got his due just because he was so laid back and of course Cal got a lot of the attention.  Even after Eddie left the Orioles, he had to take a back seat despite having his best year Batting Average-wise hitting for .330.  

It happened in 1990 in his second year after being traded to the Dodgers.  His .330 average was the overall highest that year for all of MLB.  However, because of the following flukey set of circumstances, he did not win the National League batting title.  This from Wiki (click here.)

"He lost the NL batting title to Willie McGee by a narrow margin; McGee had been traded from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Oakland Athletics but had enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title, hitting .335 to Murray's .330, though McGee hit .274 with the A's (making his season average .324), which meant that Murray led the major leagues in batting despite not winning the NL batting title."

Note too that coincidently, Jim Gentile also had something similar happen to him when he fell one RBI short of winning the RBI title in 1961.  Roger Maris was the official winner that year with one more RBI than Jim.  However, eventually MLB deemed that one of Roger's RBIs was bogus (click here) and as a result he and Jim actually finished tied for having had the most RBIs.  Since Jim's 1961 contract contained a $5,000 bonus incentive for winning the RBI contest, some 50 years later the Orioles held a ceremony and awarded Jim his money (click here.)

And as if the above doesn't already have enough Twofers, it is nice to report that the Orioles beat KC yesterday 6-1 and now head to St Louis on a 2 game winning streak.  They have also won 4 of their last 5 games.  Wishful thinking, but maybe some of the magic is coming back

This song still gets me going everytime I hear it:

Monday, May 9, 2022

Derby Redux

Kentucky Derby Day was a fun one at Buzzy's Country Store.  And yes we had some folks in hats.  Here is Michele looking very stylish wearing a hat that matched her Buzzy red shirt.  

On the other hand, Charlie wasn't too concerned about the hat matching anything he was wearing.

And what were the odds that Gordon would be sporting the same hat? (Answer- it was the same hat.)  I'm not sure if it was Barbara who brought the hat in, but I am fairly certain it was neither Charlie nor Gordon.
Speaking of odds, 80-1 longshot Rich Strike ran a great race to come from nowhere and beat the more favored ponies ahead of him.  To watch it again (click here).  Rich was not the longest shot ever to win a Derby as Donerail still holds that record from his 1913 win as 90-1 choice (click here for related story.)   

And speaking of being lucky, here is a trick music question for you - name the highest selling Australian female artist of all time.  If you said Olivia Newton John, as I would have guessed, well, we are both wrong.  Kylie Minogue recorded this lucky tune as her first record in 1987 and then went on to become the biggest selling female artist ever from the land down under.  

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sunday Meditation

My daughter Ryan sent this my way and it's worth checking out because the guy in it does have something to say.  Plus, it might even make you think a little about about how we churn and burn the candle at both ends like we do and all for what?  See what you think. 

Meanwhile, at Buzzy's Country Store, we will continue to explore the art of relaxing and drinking.  Stop by later.

Some George seems in order:

Saturday, May 7, 2022

"Making Bets on Kentucky Derby Day"

Ladies in Hats - Horses on the Track
First Saturday in May is Kentucky Derby Day.  (Granted, in 2020, due to Covid, it wasn't  run until September.)  Today will mark the 148th running of what is dubbed "the greatest two minutes in sports."  That may be particularly true later today as rainy conditions in the area will make for a sloppy hence wide open track for the 20 horses running.  Post time is set for 6:57 and yes we will have it on T-V at Buzzy's Country Store.  May even gin up a just-for-fun pool to keep things interesting.

As for Derby predictions, I like to go with the horse that won the Arkansas Derby held in April of each year at Oaklawn Track in Hot Springs.  This year's event was won by a horse named Cyberknife leading to several headlines as to how he cut through and sliced down his opposition during that race.  Expect more such puns today.  (Note - if you are like me and wondering where the horse's name came from, here is a good article talking about its connection to an innovative cancer treatment (click here.)  

On the down side of horse racing things, as I pulsed thru the Comments' following some of the articles on today's event, I found several comments from folks along these lines.  Talk about cutting:

Music-wise, from 1993, even back then Bryan knew how things go:

Friday, May 6, 2022

Hello Dolly You Rock n Roll Queen You

I know you are expecting me to comment on the Roe v. Wade issue just because that's all that everyone else is talking about right now.  Gonna take a pass but will note that I did hear the following comment that just made me shake my head while smiling at it.  (I know, I am a sick puppy for smiling at abortion jokes.)   The comment went  "I'm all for killing children; I just can't stand giving women rights."  Guess you can see why I'm gonna stay away from any further abortion discussions.   

But for me, the really important news yesterday was the release of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees for this year (click here.) The big name inductee in all the headlines is Dolly Parton.  That is because a couple months back Dolly put out a blurb saying that she did not feel worthy of being an inductee and asked NOT to be considered for induction into the Rock n Roll HoF.  

Turns out that that it was a pretty clever move on Dolly's part because that's exactly what the HoF bubbas then proceeded to do.  After graciously asking not to be considered, Dolly then very graciously accepted the honor.   

As if to justify her being admitted into the HoF, several related articles have mentioned her rock bona fides as doing a cover of Stairway to Heaven.  Listen below and see what you think.  To paraphrase it "if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last."  But for me I had to listen VERY hard.  My take is that Dolly should have stuck with 9 to 5 as an example of her rock and roll chops and left Stairway alone.  Not saying anything, jess sayin' that some songs should be left alone.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Alright, it's here at last, the day that we have all been waiting for - a holiday so cool that it doesn't even have a name other than the day it falls on.  (For all you Spanish challenged folks out there, Cinco de Mayo translated is 5th of May.)  

Here then are some Cinco de Mayo-related facts that you may or may not have heard about:

1.  It commemorates Mexico's Independence Day.  Wrong!

2.  It is a big holiday in Mexico.  Wrong!

3.  Cinco de Mayo beer sales surpass those of the Super Bowl.  Wrong, but they are comparable (click here.)   Cinco de Mayo beer sales do out number beer sales on St. Patrick's Day though (click here.)   

4.  Conspiricists' theory - Corona Beer created Cinco de Mayo.  Uh, who knows?  There is some conjecture that the alcohol industry, led by the Corona beer folks, were responsible for the growing popularity of Cinco de Mayo (click here.)  Fact of the matter is, Cinco de Mayo is indeed a very good hit for bars and restaurants. 

To read more info on the origins and history of Cinco de Mayo (click here.)   For a video on it (click here.) 

At Buzzy's Country Store, plenty of Coronas and Modelos are chilled and waiting for you along with the Buzzballz version of a margarita.  (No limes however - so byol.  I do have some Margarita Salt though.  I think it is just plain salt that they charged me double for by putting it in a Margarita-Salt-labelled container.)   

Musically, can you name a country musician who loves celebrating Cinco de Mayo?  Arriba McEntire!  (Sorry, but keep in mind that I did try to spare you the skunks-drinking-tequilla-joke!  Answer below if you can't figure out the punchline.)

Stinko de Mayo!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Best Small Towns

Here is a fun little exercise for you.  

Check out this listing of each of our 50 States' best small towns (click here.)  Unlike some of those other click bait sites that make you click repeatedly to see what you're looking to see, along with several ads interspersed, this listing allows you to quickly scroll thru all 50 States' best small towns.  

Here is your mission should you choose to accept it: as you scroll thru the list, count how many of these places you have been to.  I managed to notch 13 including a stop at this one in Alaska:

I also did a post on Nagley's Store (click here) in October 2013.

As for Maryland's entry, alas, Ridge and Scotland were both overlooked.  However, Berlin made it - probably because they got rid of that wall right?!

Just messing with you about that Berlin wall business, but on a serious note, did you know that the movie Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, was filmed in Berlin?  The movie folks renamed the town Hale because they didn't like the Berlin connotation.  

Great soundtrack to Runaway Bride with a little of everything from the Dead to Miles to Amadeus.  Here is the movie's theme song from Eric. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Twofer Tuesday - Talking Baseball Blues Times Two

To start by saying something positive, as tough as that may be to do so,  guess that the good news for our two local ball teams is that after one month of play, neither of them are deemed the worst team in MLB.  (I know, some kinda BF consolation right?)  

But barring a politically-related phenomena of maintaining that they have been winning when they have actually lost, the worst team in MLB today has been the Cincinnati Reds with a 3-19 record.  While the Reds have carved out this designation for themselves, the Orioles did not exactly escape being associated with the Reds' lousiness because there was this headline:


As for the worst teams' standings in MLB, joining the Reds are the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City A's who have each only won 7 games.  By comparison, the Nats and O's are 8-16 and 8-15 respectively.  As I said, some consolation isn't it when you are reduced to saying things like "Well, at least we're not the worst." 

However, it is a long season, and so far the O's pitching has looked pretty good.  Their 2.13 ERA at home is the best in all of MLB perhaps proving that moving those fences back was a good idea after all.  And with just a smidgen of hitting, the O's could be far better than anyone projected.  I know, I am being very optimistic here, but hey, hope does spring eternal - or something like that.

The good news for the Nats is that their top pitchers Strasburg and Ross will soon start throwing as part of their rehabs.  Getting them back in the swing of things would go along way to helping the Nats stay above that bottom feeder designation.  

As a take away however, I am reminded of the old sports saying "When winning say nothing; when losing say less."  Thus, I think I've said enough here on the state of our local ball teams.  Catch you next month for another, hopefully more upbeat, update.  

To focus for a moment on fun twosomes though, check out Shania's and Billy's party take on it:

Monday, May 2, 2022

Sh*t Happens - Ask Johnny Depp

Thank You Forrest! (Click here)

Being in business, just like dealing in life, means having to contend with those "Shit Happens" things that pop up out of the blue and can negatively impact your operations.  An extreme example of this dynamic would be Pier 450's recent shut down by the Alcohol Board folks because of problems with renewing their liquor license.  

Ideally, you set your business up to run as smoothly as you can do so.  For most businesses, labor and inventory matters will be the biggest of challenges so they get tackled first.   (This was true even when things were semi-stable in a pre-Covid world.  Covid just exacerbated these two business challenges/matters even more.  I would make a case that it is even more of a challenge for folks in the hospitalty business but the bottom line is that these two issues impact all businesses.)  

So you get your business up and running as best you can and you try to stay in control of the things under your control.  But then out of the blue, shit just happens.  The business gods will invariably slip you a challenge or two just to keep you on your toes.  I always think of it as the way one gives a kitten a ball of yarn just to watch it go crazy trying to control it.  Similarly, the business gods get together at their weekly stand up and say something like "You know, J. Scott has Buzzy's running pretty good, why don't we send some shit his way and see how he handles it,"    Sounds funny right?  But it goes with the terriority it seems.

Just this past week, my Buzzy credit card processor went out on me for no reason that I could determine.  After several attempts to fix the processor, I had to order a new one from the credit card company that I deal with.  Their reps were very nice in selling me a new processor for $600 and promised overnight shipment of it.  That was last Wednesday and here I am on a Monday still without the new processor.  It's supposed to be delivered today though.  We'll see.       

As Shit Happens' things go, this was a 1 or a 2 on the overall shit scale.  I had a couple of sales impacted and still have one pending that I need to work, but overall it was not a problem  Still it was something to be dealt with that I normally don't have to worry about.  

Speaking of shit shows - literally! -  has anyone else been checking out the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lawsuit trial?   Even though it seems like she will ultimately win this dispute, Amber, Depp's ex, just fired her PR firm (click here)  as if it was their fault that she is getting so much negative press in all of this.  Most of the negative press has stemmed from Depp testiying that Amber left him a "present" in his bed (click here.)   

Amber is scheduled to take the stand this week to tell her side of the story so expect some more shit to show.  Can't wait to hear from her as I set up my new credit card machine in Buzzy's Country Store.   (I just spoke to the sales rep who sold me the processor and he assured me "You will receive it today - no shit!"  I couldn't say anything back to him.)

Sunday, May 1, 2022

This May Be

As months go, April is ok as an appetizer, but May delivers the real deal.  Weather-wise for example, April is a little bit of tease with one day being pleasantly nice, but then the next day, back with the wintery conditions.  May on the other hand is much more consistently nice.   

Even the special days in May are nicer than the ones in April.  Poor April gets a Fools Day at the beginning, Tax Day in the middle and crazy Easter (talk about inconsistent) landing anywhere it chooses.  May has days such as Cinco de Mayo at its begining, Mothers' Day in the middle and Memorial Day at its end.  

The Buzzy birthday listing in May starts off today with my niece Regi Hofmeister celebrating hers; Patrick Ridgell is on 6 May; Dave Berg 10 May; my cousins Joe White and Sister Marianne Ridgell also celebrate on 10 May; Robby Norris' Carol on 11 May; Kevin Adkins 14 May; my nephew Todd's wife Sherrie also the 14th and then their daughter Piper on 18 May; Kim McKay celebrates on 17 May;  Clyde Ridgell 18 May and Richard Mandeville on 19 May; my Daughter-in-law Stephanie's Dad Eddie Elgersma is on 30 May; Bootsie Norris on 31 May.  And saving the best for last, my daughter Reagan celebrates hers' on 19 May.

Yesterday when I went looking for a "sun" song I landed on Sting's Nothing Like the Sun.  In reading about his solo album by that name, I learned that because most of the songs on that album were such downers, the record folks asked him to come up with something more upbeat that they could release as the first single from the album.  This is what the Stingster came up with.  Note - that is his wifeTrudie making an appearance as the object of his affection. 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Everything Including the Sun and Sonney

In clearing out some old photos stashed on my phone, the following ones caught my eye for various reasons.

Since none of these T-Vs meant anything to me, why then did this scene at the Valley Lee Transfer Station make me feel kinda old and sad.

On the more positive side of things, this print on our cruise ship wall caught my eye.  Perhaps it was that shadow, object or whatever it was lurking below her.
Speaking of art, swimming and things in the water, here is something my daughter Reagan called me just the other day asking for a copy of it.  From 1994, it is a caricature of Reagan where the artist Milliard Hampton got her perfectly and then added a funny looking little Jaws-fin in the water.

While killing time in the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, I saw this scene and was going for a "Multiple Modes of Transportation" photo.  Note how in the first photo I have the cruise ship in the background, a train rolling thru adjacent the interstate with cars and then a food truck in the foreground tooling along the tarmac. 
A few seconds later this plane came into the scene but by then the truck had moved on.
As I said, I had time to kill so I waited around another ten minutes or so trying to get a shot of all of these moving objects in one shot.  It never happened.  If I was any good with Photo Shop,  I would just plop that plane into the first shot and call it a day.  

Here is one I took of my Grandson Stoney sitting in the sun on Easter Sunday.  (Actually he is in the shadow of the sun but you get what I mean.)
And last but not least, a few days after Shea had moved to Marathon, Florida, he ran into Sonney Forrest.  Obviously they were having a good time:
Photo by Steve Elgersma

Finally, here is a photo I either took or copied from somewhere and of course can't recall the particulars.  To whomever created this and I ripped you off without giving you credit, I apologize!  I think I was planning on trying to say something about how this sounds like Buzzy's Country Store. 
And with all this talk of sun, how about Luke's lucky summer song:

Friday, April 29, 2022

Lexington Park's Royal Future

Online Reader for The St. Mary's Co. Times Newspaper (Maryland) (somd.com)

Lots of recent talk about Lexington Park's past and future.  The pending sale of what used to be the heart of Lexington Park has many folks energized and lighting up social media with petitions about "saving" that part of town.   There was even a public hearing on the matter this past Tuesday night.

However,  it all sounds like a done deal to me.  The current property owner wants to sell and has a valid offer from the Royal Farms to make that happen.  So what's the problem?

Quite simple - people don't like change.  Of course I side with my friend Linda about having to relocate after all these years.  Linda has worked hard and done well to keep that part of Lexingto Park still vibrant and deserves a lot of credit and recognition for all her efforts.  

However, she is one of several tenants in that area who have leases and little legal standing to fall back on.  It would be like me wanting to sell Buzzy's and my tenants above and behind the Store opposing it because they may have to move.  It doesn't work that way.   Note that no one said much about the Charlotte Hall sale of the Wentworth property to Royal Farms awhile back.  That's because the Wentworths owned the property and wanted to sell it.

But one thing all this chatter did do, was make me think of the excellent Slackwater series "The Instant City" on the origins of Lexington Park.

In Spring of 2009 Slackwater, under Julie King's direction, did an entire series of interviews and stories on the origins of Lexington Park (click here.)  One of those stories even features Linda's Cafe and the Knights of the Round Table who had breakfast there each morning (click here.)   (Note - thanks to Lois Williams I also have a copy of an older breakfast club that used to meet at Pete's Galley every morning.  I'll pass that along some time.)

Just yesterday Gordon Aldridge was in Buzzy's Country Store telling stories about the many bars in Lexington Park back in the day.  I thought it ironic to then read this quote from his Dad Lewie Sr. in the Slackwater article:

My music-loving buddy Mike Whitson made me a mixed tape with lots of great tunes on it.  I couldn't help but smile and turn it up when I heard this Moby Grape tune.  I've played it a couple times previously, but it seems the right tune for today's post about Changes as "I try to sympathize with their problems...."

Great lyrics: