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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 This from the Buzzyblog history book (click here.)

It is also Steve (Polock) Soroka's birthday.  Give him a call a wish him a good one 301-653-8085.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Twofer Tuesday - Two Articles on St. Mary's Fort

When she was recently home for a visit, my daughter Ryan gave me a copy of the Sept/Oct issue of Archaeology magazine.  She had picked it up because some of the articles advertised on the cover had caught her eye.  However, it was the following article inside that she thought I would find interesting.  Thank you Ry!

Maryland's First Fort - Archaeology Magazine

After some internetting I also found this good articvle that goes into detail on how the fort was discovered (click here.)

Haven't heard anything about Maryland coming up with a new State song so how about this as a suggestion:  How about this one from Vonda?

Monday, January 17, 2022

Tender Bar

My mentioning Jerry Garcia the other day growing up in bar as a boy coincided with my recent viewing of the movie Tendar Bar.  It is currently on Netflix and worth checking out.  Based on a true story, it features a young boy hanging out in his Uncle Charlie's bar patronized by an eclectic group of regulars.  (Sound familiar?)  Here is the movie trailer:

This video (click here)  features an interview with the author of the book that the movie is based on.

The movie also features a great soundtrack including this Jackson Browne tune:

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Prayers From Kids

Remember that Art Linkletter show Kids Say the Darndest Things?  Yeah, I hated it too mostly because I didn't care much for Art.  I had him in that category of "How did this guy ever get to be a celebrity?"  (Remember how we had all those so called celebrities back then who didn't really ever do much to become and remain celebrities?  For instance all those folks on the Hollywood Squares.  Of course today I guess the tradition continues with wastes-of-time like the Kardashians and all those other reality show idiots who somehow become more famous than they ever deserve to be.)

But back to Art and his kids' saying shit schitck, since it is Sunday here is something similar I found called Prayers to God From Kids.  I don't know how authentic all this is because some of the prayers seem a little too good to have come from kids but then again who knows?  Click here and I am sure you'll have a laugh or two.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Jimmy the Greek

Big day in sports history as today we mark the anniversay of Jimmy the Greek's 1988 controversial remarks he made at a luncheon ironically enough honoring Martin Luther King (click here for story.)  

So just what did Jimmy say that set everyone's hair on fire?  

OK, it was only a tad racist, but it sure put the kibosh on Jimmy and his career.  CBS fired him the very next day.  Talk about a "Greek tragedy," Jimmy's fall from grace was very dramatic indeed.   Wonder what the odds were on that happening like it did?  If you ever get the chance to catch it, check out ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary on Jimmy the Greek.

As for a happy Greek's ending, check out Zorba's song and dance routine here in that movie's last scene:

Friday, January 14, 2022

Nixon Was a Redskins' Fan

 WFT to announce their new name on 2/2/22.  Some of the DC sports talk bubbas have mentioned The Hogs because that is Ground Hog Day.  Others say The Commanders.  Made me go back in Redskins' history to this day:

Miami Dolphins win Super Bowl VII to cap NFL's only perfect season - HISTORY

Following their perfect season, the Dolphins were not invited to the White House.  It was said to have been a deliberate snub by then President Richard Nixon who was a big Redskins' fan.  

However, 40 years later the Dolphins finally made it to the White House in 2013 thanks to President Obama.  Even that was a back-handed-compliment in a way, because Obama had invited the 85 Bears to the White House before the Dolphins and had called them (the Bears) the greatest team ever.  Once he was informed of his mis-speaking, Obama made amends by inviting the Dolphins and admitted his error.

1972 Miami Dolphins season - Wikipedia
No music today but how about a look at that Yepremian screw up:

Thursday, January 13, 2022


Thank you Charlotte!

Did you see the story that Martin Scorsese is doing a movie bio on Jerry Garcia with Jonah Hill as Jerry (click here.)   Makes me wonder how much they will go into Jerry's childhood showing him and his brothers growing up in the aparment above his Mom and Dad's bar (click here.)  (Never knew that Jerry and I had anything in common.  My childgood bedroom was upstairs directly above Buzzy's counter.) 

Jerry Garcia: a SF Mission upbringing
This song, an old Texas blues tune, was the Dead's first record back in 1965 when they started out as the Warlocks before becoming Grateful:

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Jimmy John Bathroom Humor

From the Jimmy John sub shop bathroom:
Needless to say the following was filmed in one of JJ's Men's Room.  I couldn't talk Pam into filming what was on the wall of their Women's Bathroom.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Ben Done?

Crazy, crazy football season across the board but particularly so for us Ravens and WFT fans.  Injuries, starting quarterbacks out, Covid restrictions, freak plays and some just plain old bad luck, all seemed to rain down on our guys all at the worst possible times.  And when it rains it pours.  A little like life I guess.

Anyhow, as I survey the NFL's slate of playoff teams, to quote Michael Vick - I don't really have a dog in this fight.  I remember years ago the pastor at St. Micahel's Father Kerr telling me that I should always root for the Yankees in the post season because "You always root for the team that beats yours.  Them winning makes your losing to them look better."  

I always harken back to Father saying that but in fact could never bring myself to actually do it.  To be honest I NEVER adhered to that advice and always rooted against the hated Yankees.  Years later that animosity would transfer to the Red Sox.  However, now since everybody beats up on the Orioles, I don't really hate any baseball team like I did back then.  Funny how when your team is as lousy as the Orioles are, you can't even muster up enough energy to take on a perceived rival or enemy knowing that they are going to drill you every time.

Anyway, I say all this after I texted both my sons telling them that Pam and I would be leaving today for Hawaii and as far as the NFL playoffs go I am actually going to root for Ben and the Steelers.  After I hit send, with the following -

they both came back immediately and simultaneously as follows:

Obviously, I did not do a very good job in passing along Father Kerr's advice to them.  

And speaking of dark humor, this was Michael's first Number 1 solo hit back in 1972:

Monday, January 10, 2022

New Buzzy's Sign On the Way

Good news - I recently received an insurance check to cover most of the costs to replace the Buzzy's Country Store sign out front that got schmedged up last August via a car accident.  I say "most of the costs" because the dude who first hit Junior Trossbach and then went thru my sign only had so much insurance.  Because his coverage had to pay for both Junior's truck and my sign, each of us received a pro-rated amount to cover our damages.

As much as I could go on about how insurance dealings drive me crazy, in this instance, I am very pleased to have gottened what I got.  I say this even if I do have to shell out some of my own doe-re-mi to pay for the overall replacement and installation of the sign.

You can't call Brenton Wood a one hit wonder because in addition to this great song he also had that Oogum Boogum Boogum mess of a tune.  (Guess you can tell which one of those I did and didn't like!)


Sunday, January 9, 2022


Ok, recognize I am a week late doing something on New Year's resolutions but one of my Buzzy resolutions was not to worry too much about any deadlines or timeframes to do things.  (Too, I just came upon this discussion of resolutions and thought it worth passing along.)

Farmers Almanac

Note that when comparing 1947 list to today's, the current ones seem like a little more fun don't they?  Enjoy life, fall in love, and help others all sound like good resolutions to me.  (Note that Number 9 reminded of a Dylan tune that coincidently is playing on my CD player as I write this.  On his "Things Have Changed"  he sings the line  "Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet, putting her in a wheel barrow and wheeling her down the street."  Who hasn't had that as one of their New Year's resolutions?  OK so maybe nobody has, but still, it sounds kinda fun even if some of us may have trouble wheeling that wheelbarrow with someone in it.

For a good discusion of these differences in resolutions then and now (click here.)

For me, I'll stay with the Rule of 3 as in there are only 3 resolutions to be made as follows:

1.  Give more than you take.

2.  Look out for your family and friends;  but first take care of yourself because you can't help them if you are in no shape to do so.

3.  Enjoy the ride.  It's a short one.

Following video has nothing to do with New Year's resolutions but does feature John Madden and a funny take on the 1982 Super Bowl won by the 49ers over the Bengals.  This was the first Super Bowl that John announced.  (I think Eddie doesn't hear the first gun shot so they had to fire it a second time.)

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Home Grown Open Today

Usually I will scroll past anything on FB having to do with food and recipes.  However, Doreen Bickel's FB photo of these lemon citrus cupcakes made me pause because they look so good.

Also it is nice to know that Home Grown Market is back open:

And after you hit the Market, a 10 minute drive gets you to Buzzy's where we got some lemon flavored stuff for you to drink:

Cheap Trick is playing this Sunday halftime at the Ravens Steelers game which will be Ben's last game.  I am sure that they will play the following which I hope Ben and his bandmates adhere to:

Friday, January 7, 2022

Life is a Beach (Or Something Like That)

Snowy, cold morning but my thoughts are in Hawaii and 15 years ago when Pam and I made our first trip there together to visit my daughter Ryan.  Some photos from back then:

Ryan and the Duke 

Pam amd Moi With Famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Background

Ry and Some Guy Wearing an Eddie Aikau Shirt

Me and Duke Getting Lei'd

Next week Pam and I will be heading out on our first travel venture after 2 years of staying Covid home.  We will be visiting Ryan this time in Maui and then will spend a couple days in Oahu.  While in Honolulu we will of course re-visit Waikiki Beach as we did back in 07.   

Last month when I was including Christmas tunes from various people, I did a post on Nick Lowe and his 4 record compilation The Doings.  While that Christmas tune of Nick's was not included on the compilation, here is a tune of his that was on the compilation.  It always runs thru my mind as I get ready to travel somewhere.  (The video here is another from the excellent Daryl's House series.) 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Who Shot Cheeseface?


In January 1973 National Lampoon published one of the most famous magazine covers of all time (click here.)  If you click on that linked reference, you will find an article that includes the following note from the photographer Ronald Harris who took the picture and had this to say: 

The Netflix movie A Stupid and Futile Gesture is a little "unbalanced" but is worth watching particularly if you were a National Lampoon fan as I was back in the day (click here.)  (In fact I can remember subscribing to only 4 magazines back then - Lampoon, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and Sports Illy.

But talk about going down a dark corridor or two, in looking for info on the dog cover, a couple surprises popped up.   As the Netflix movie shows, the ultimate demise of one of the Lampoon's founding fathers Doug Kenney was sad enough, but then to learn what became of the cover dog, poor old Cheeseface, was just as saddening.  (Remember I am not a pet person either.)  

You see, after the cover ran in 1973, 3 years later Cheeseface was shot by an unknown assassin.  True story.  You can't make this kinda stuff up.  In 1976, while retired and living peacefully on a farm in Vermont, good old Cheeseface was taken out by an assassin (click here.)  Talk about life imitating art or something like that.

Musically, Bon Jovi often times makes some critics' list as being among the least deserving Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entrants.  Since I kinda like Bon Jovi, I am good with them being in the Hall.  On the other hand,  I finally agrree with wild man Ted Nugent on something and that is his questionong some other folks admission to the hall (click here.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Covid/Buzzy's Update

Buzzy's is back open as usual.  In fact, thanks to Brian Barnhill and Pat Birmingham, Buzzy's was open this past weekend.  My thanks to both of them for Buzzy's welcoming in the New Year by being open.

As for my recovery from Covid, I have been symptom free for a week now and feel fine.  However, I still want to complete my 10 day quarantine which is due up later this week.   Thus far, none of my Buzzy friends that I have talked to or have heard about have come down with the virus, so that is good.  We live in crazy times don't we?  

And speaking of thanks to friends for helping me out, my thanks to Duncan Lepper for clearing the ice and snow out of the Buzzy parking lot.

Caught Carole and JT on their CNN Concert the other night.  Both still getting it done after all these years. This performance here was from a couple years back:

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Twofer Tuesday - Amanda Jones(es)

A young lady in Buzzy's Country Store recently paid for her purchases with a credit card and I noted that the receipt showed her name as being Amanda Jones.  I started to comment that the Rolling Stones had had a good song by that name but a) I knew she would have absolutely no clue what I was talking about and b) the Amanda Jones Mick is singing about comes across as someone who doesn't really have her act together.  Check for yourself: 

P.S. Check out this bio (click here) about an American inventor, author, spiritualist and feminist named Amanda Jones.   Mick may have been singing about some lost-ball-in-tall-grass-kinda-lady, but it sure sounds like the American Amanda Jones knew what she was doing. Next Amanda Jones I encounter in Buzzy's, I now know what to say to her. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

FB Anniversaries

Speaking of celebrating anniversaries as Pam and I did yesterday, I smiled when I saw a Facebook post yesterday by someone who used to rent an apartment from me at Buzzy's Country Store several years ago.  In her FB post, the young lady announced that she and her SO were celebrating their anniversary and that she loved him.  It all brought back the following incident that occured when the couple rented from me several years ago.

It was a late Sunday afternoon in Buzzy's when my young tenant hurried in upset and crying and asked me to call the police because her boyfriend had just attacked her.  She didn't appear to be harmed as I didn't see any bruises or signs of her having been struck, so instead of simply calling 911, I thought to try and calm her down first and asked her "What happened?" 

She told me how she and her boyfriend were arguing and somewhere along the line he had snatched a necklace from around her neck.  She felt threatened by him and his actions and had left the apartment to come into the Store and that is why she wanted me to call the police.  

Not exactly sure how to proceed, I did the Buzzy thing and offered her something to drink.  That helped as she noted that she did not want to go back into the apartment but didn't know what else to do.  I suggested that she call her Dad to see what he advised.  Thankfully, her Dad told her to sit tight and that he would be down to pick her up which he did a short time later.  Relieved, I closed and left the Store and that was the last dealings that I ever had involving this matter.  

The young couple eventually made up, got back together and a few months later moved from Buzzy's.  I have not seen nor heard from them since.  

Then just yesterday, I couldn't help but smile when I saw a FB posting from the young lady proclaiming "Happy Anniversary to (boyfriend) and me on our (umpteenth) anniversary. I love you."  What more can I say?  That their anniversary is the same as Pam's and mine is quite a coincidence even if I have never tried to remove any of Pam's jewelry off of her!  

On a cold and snowy day, here's a heartwarming little tune from Sheryl and the Stingster for you and couples everywhere: 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy Anniversary/Excommunication!

Today being Sunday and also Pam's and my wedding anniversary, I thought that I would talk about something that's always sorta torqued me off and that is being booted out of the Catholic Club as soon as I married Pam.  That may sound a little strong but that's ultimately the bottom line.  Whereas I used to be a full member of the Club in good standing, once I said I do to Pam, the Club was done with me.    

You see, according to Catholic Church rules, Pam and I, once hitched, were now in what they dub an "unsanctioned" or a "non-sacramental" marriage.  Both of us were previously married and neither of us have had those first marriages annulled.  Pam, being Jewish, didn't even have to mess with worrying about silly annulment rules because Jews don't care if you were previously married or not.  Since Catholics pretty much copied everything from their Jewish ancestors, it does make you wonder how JC and His boys managed to crap the bed on this re-marrying business as they did.   Like most things, I suspect that it had to with money.  Even King Henry himself, after buying his way out of 7 or 8 of his marriages, woke up one day, smelt  the coffee and said "To hell with this, I'm starting my own gig."

So up front, I will freely admit that all of this is a little on me because the Church indeed does have a process that I could have followed had I really wanted to do so and have had my first marriage annulled.  It's an involved effort, but with time, patience and money, it could have been done.   

But then again, it is something that I could never bring myself to do because of the following.  I always tell folks that I was happily married to the first wife for 21 years.  Unfortunately, we were married for 23 and those last 2 years were just no fun at all.  Still, if 1% of an endeavor was simply awful while the other 99% of it was not so bad, can you really say that the whole thing was just one big bad ass, f'ed up  mistake?  Thus, since the bottom line is that I can't make that conclusion, annulment was never something that I felt justified nor in favor of pursuing.   

Meanwhile, post-divorce and pre-Pam  I did feel like I was where I needed to be on all things faith and future-wise.  In my dodgy singlehood,  I was still a full fledged, card carrying member of the Church.  I logged no felonies, i.e. mortal sins, to speak of, had no false gods before me other than sports gods, and having long ago reconciled what few morals I did possess with regards to what the Church mandated about sex, I regarded myself as a semi-exemplary, half-assed Catholic.  

So bounce ahead to the 2006 timeframe and life finds me as being a stand up Catholic dude.   I went to Church every Sunday and even dropped in for a daily visit whenever I could.  (The Base had a noon day Mass that I would try to attend when I could do so.)   I received Communion as often as I could and tickled the collection basket to help defray the cost of the meal.  I even hit all of the special Holy days including some that weren't mandatory such as St Joseph's on March 19th.  (I still wonder why his hasn't been made a Holy Day of Obligation?  Mary's got like 3 Holy Days and Joe the Rodney Dangerfield of Saints has zero.  Not right!) 

In addition to all of the required Catholic servitude such as fasting during Lent, I even went along with all the other crazy stuff that Catholics do involving ashes, palms, rosaries, petitions and bingo.  In short, I was as good a practicing Catholic as I could be.  ("And I intend to keep practicing til I get it right" is the oft quoted joke.)

Even when so mired in my Catholicness however, I never thought of myself as a made man who was heaven bound.  I figured out long ago that my best bet was going to be to slip and slide my way along this path of life as best I could do so and eventually hope to end up in purgatory, where I would do a century or two there and then back door my way into the Big House when no one was looking.  Still, I did feel like I had kinda thought and sorted out this whole eternity/heaven thing.  It was simple really, just do the right thing, go to Church and everything would work out.

But then along came Pam and after a year of getting to know each other we then decided to tie the knot the first of 2007.  It was one of my better life decisions and I'm forever grateful that we hooked up like we did.  

However, it also officially put me out of the Club.  Thanks to my Cousin Joe's wife Pat, the exact moment I was cut loose by the Church was documented here:

Joe Marrying Us at The Exact Moment I Got Excommunicated - 1/2/07 12:04 

And honestly, I still haven't quite figured how it was that as long as I was shacking up with Pam and "living in sin" with her,  I was ok in the eyes of the Church.  (Granted, maybe there was a venial-shacking-up-sin for being frisky and not being hitched, but overall everything was still cool as for being in the Club.) 

However, once I slipped that ring on Pam's finger and Jo Jo pronounced us a lawful couple, Bam! I'm now outta the Club and a persona-non-dirt-bag.  Even now I still have a tough time figuring out how stupid it all is. 

Admittedly, I didn't actually get served papers telling me to get lost.  The Church may be a bit rigid in some matters, but they aren't that efficient or heavy handed when it comes to other things.  In fact, I can recall my Cousin Father John once telling me that they had long had a "don't ask don't tell" policy regarding second marriages in that if folks chose to ignore the no-receiving sacraments rule then the priests chose to look the other way and not really enforce it.  

Thus, if I really really wanted to do so, I could certainly chose to simply ignore their silly rules and remain a Church-going, Communion receiving member.  Full confession (and that's one sacrament I don't miss a bit) I always was what is called a "Cafeteria Catholic" in that I chose what to and what not to strictly adhere to.  So granted, I could simply ignore this whole divorce malarkey and continue on as before I tied the knot with Pam; but yet, for reasons I am unable to explain, I really can't do so.  Messing around with a scarament like receiving Communion when I shouldn't do so officially, just seems like a bad move even for a Ridge boy who has been known not to worry much about decision-making consequences.  

Bottom line, despite my cavalier attitude about other Church dogma, I always did believe and took seriously that Holy Communion was well, holy.  You know, all that "body of Christ business" does tend to put the fear of God in you.   (That or indigestion if you partake of HIm and you aren't supposed to do so.)   So it seemed a little chancy to me and with 12 years of Catholic schooling under my belt, I couldn't and still can't rise above it.  

So today, Sunday mornings are my own.  I listen to Miles, fix some breakfast and watch the show Sunday Morning before heading down to the Store.  It is only when I pass Holy Face Church with its parking lot full that I get a little twinge, shake my head and say to myself "The Mass has ended, go in peace to love and serve the Lord."   

Speaking of the Sunday Morning T-V show on CBS, check out this nice little story they ran last week about the tune Country Roads.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

January Birthdays

Let's start this new year off with an easy puzzle for you to solve.  It'll make you feel smart while doing so - I guarantee it!

"As soon as I am made,

I am sought with care

and for one whole year consulted.

That time elapsed,

I am thrown aside,

neglected and insulted.  What am I?"


I assume that you solved it, but if you could not do so, then ask your husband, wife, or your dog and they should be able to tell you the answer.  (One qualifier - the correct answer is "An almanac" but the Jeopardy judges say they will accept "calendar" too.)

A look at the Buzzy January calendar shows the following birthdays for the month:

Teresa Newbold, Carol Norris and Sue Norris on 6 January; LP Mercure the 13th; Barbara Flatley the 16th; Polock the 19th; Neal Siegel the 21st; Richard Lepper on the 27th and Paula Decker on the 29th.  My Mother-in-law Stella Aroesty celebrates her birthday on the 28th.  My Bonus Granddaughter Emma Peterson celebrates on 13 January.

First day of the year so let's take a look at all time best opening lines in rock music. 

 (Yesterday I gave you my nominee for this honor with "Get your motor runnin'.  There are numerous websites with lists of best opening lines so kill some time wandering thru them if you are up for it.  Here are some samples to check out (click here) (click here.)

As for one of my personal favorites, I'm sticking with the "Motors" genre as in "She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean."

Friday, December 31, 2021

Blue Balls Ride to Buzzy's

Buzzy's Country Store remains closed but the Blue Balls ride will still go on as scheduled.  Pam and Pat Birmingham will be on hand at the Store to provide refreshments as needed should any of you drop in.

Still the best opening 4 words of any rock tune ever:

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Healing Cards

Speaking of receiving nice cards (previous post) one of my quarantine chores has involved  going thru old files and papers that I've had stashed on a shelf for years.  Ironically enough, the first pile I picked to sort thru was a group of get well cards sent to me following my hip fracture 5 years ago behind Buzzy's Country Store.  And yes I saved all of those cards just because, well, I don't really know why.   Guess I must have liked and appreciated that so many folks thought enough to send them my way.  

As for a couple of samples, first up is one from my cousin Sister Marianne whose card notes how nice it is to have others thinking about you especially when you're down as I was - literally!

And thanks to Cathy Wright I even had the St. Michael's Ladies of Charity thinking about and praying for me and my recovery:

And then there was this card from my Buzzy friends that seemed to say it all:  

If enlarged you will see touching sentiments such as "Better You Than Me" and "Get back soon, we are almost out of beer."  Why do I love those comments?
Kim Austin sent me this clever one:

Too, I got cards from my buddies who I always say are my stand up guys:
This one from Steve Raley:

My guy Norm sent this one with some very good advice that I did try to follow:
And since I started with a card from my cousin, I'll conclude with one from another Cousin Jo Jo and his wife Pat:

After years of taking wedding pictures and suffering thru numerous couples' first dances to the insufferable song "May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life," I didn't have much regard for anything from Anne Murray.  However, this song of hers almost made up for the awfulness of that first dance dog that she sicced on us for the rest of our lives.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Christmas Cards - Art and Money

Blame it on the Covid, but my planned Twofer Tuesday yesterday went kattywhampus on me.  I thought I had scratched my original Twofer which featured two Christmas cards sent to Buzzy's over the holidays.

I thought I had scratched the Twofer card post and instead inserted something about my Covid mis-adventures.  However, somewhere in those machinations, I deleted the following and while trying to substitute the Covid Blues post, I inadvertently put Cindy's Twofer on the Buzzyblog instead.

Later on in the morning,  someone pulsed me about why I had not discussed my Covid issues and It was then that I realized my mistake.  So here today is the first Buzzyblog Twofer Wednesday.  

Every year Buzzy's Country Store receives several Christmas cards from various folks and businesses.  Quite a few are repeaters in that each year they send one our way.  This year, these two were very special.  First up John Hammill sent this original art one:


The same day that I received John's card, there was also a nice card from Polock way down in Florida.  Inside the card, Polock inscribed this nice note along with a Benjamin to buy all his Buzzy friends a drink:
Now how's that for a nice Twofer even if a day late?!!   Thank you John and Polock.
One last Christmas song courtsey of Willie:

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Covid Blues Pt. 2

I will tell you a Covid joke now, but you got to wait 3-5 days to see if you got it.


Well so much for this being such a nice week re: my discussion in yesterday's Buzzyblog post.  Shortly after I wrote that little ditty yesterday morning describing why this can be such a good week, I took a home Covid test and learned that I am positive for the virus.  Talk about life keeping you humble, I sure as hell didn't see that coming.  

For the record, I am triple vaccinated, and had not had any Covid-related symptoms (click here) until Sunday night when a coughing jag kept me up half the night.  (I am up half the night anyway, but usually that's because I want to be and not because I have to be due to coughing my ass off.) 

Monday morning I went onto the County's Covid test sites first thing and found that the earliest appointment I could get was not until Tuesday morning.  However, I did not want to wait that long.

Pam had previously picked up some home test kits recently so we busted one open and followed the instructioins for administering it.  While I waited the mandatory 15 minutes after my swab,  I could see the positive line starting to form.  Up until that time I was fairly sure that I was not going to test positive.  Well that sureness was short lived as the "Test Proctor" came back on line to inform me that I had indeed tested positive.  

So now I'm on the beach for the next 10 days and doing very little.  This week will be a quiet one for me even if it wasn't the one I was envisioning.   Buzzy's too will be quiet for awhile.  I'll keep you posted on when we will re-open.

Jonathan Edwards' song always comes to my mind when ever life deals me a lousy hand:

Cindy Pt 2

Mentioning Cindy Crawford a few weeks back regarding her classic Pepsi commercial filmed at the Halfway Cafe, sent me looking for info on the cafe.  The Cafe's website (click here) doesn't tell you much about their history etc. but I did manage to find the following on another page (click here.)

Halfway House Cafe - Restaurant - Visit Santa Clarita

So why is this a Buzzy Twofer other than it is the second time in a couple days that I've done something on Cindy?  Turns out that she recently revisited the Halfway Cafe and did a photo shoot to help raise money for a hospital (click here.)
As you can see, she's still swilling down a Pepsi and at 55 years young still looking as great as she did in the 1992 original version.  Hopefully the following parody video won't ruin the original for you:  
Since it is a Twofer, how about a second video featuring another supermodel?  Kate Moss appears in a music video from the White Strips and features her doing some very excellent pole dancing.  Makes me wonder how she learned how to do all that so well: