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Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Eyes Have It (Hazel Ones Especially)

Lady in Buzzy's Country Store had a very nice pair of ............  

Alright, go to the head of the class if you said eyes!  Stay in your seat if you were trending to lower parts of the female anatomy. 

As I talked to her I noticed that her eyes appeared to be different colors as they morphed from green to blue to brown depending on how the Stores' lights fell upon her face.  When I handed her her change, I said "OK, so what is the color of your eyes."  She laughed as she said "Officially hazel but it can change depending what I'm wearing and the light around me."  

After my customer paid for her purchase, I made a note to self - check out hazel eyes.  

Thanks to that www thingamahjiggy then, I learned that hazel eyes are a bit of a visionary mystery having to do with something called melanin.  I landed on these two explanations of all things hazel eyed (click here) or (click here.)

(Quick aside for you - it made me think of the famous photo of the Afghan lady on the cover of National Geographic.  Turns out that her eyes were green not hazel.  Also turns out that she was recently in the news when she was evacuated to Italy (click here for that story and a photo of how she looks today.)

Kelly Clarkson is hazel eyed and did this tune on one of her albums:

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