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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Boat Club - Pt. 2

Deb and Tom Tudor were in Buzzy's Country Store this past Sunday discussing their current residence in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  They mentioned a bar called the Boat Club and as they described it, I thought that it sounded familiar.   When they mentioned the boat-stuck-up-in-a-tree I knew that I had previously heard about it somewhere.  

Sure enough, after some research here on the Buzzyblog, I found that back in 2015 I had done a post on the Boat Club after Glenn Guy had told me about his visit there (click here.)   In addition to the links that I included in that 2015 post, here is another description of the Boat Club with the following excerpt (click here)

The Boat Club - Tarpon Springs, FL - The Dive Bar Tourist
All of which just makes me want to pay a visit and check the place out.  As for Buzzy's being compared to such a great dive bar, I am good with and kinda proud of that.  Recall this article that appeared in a San Francisco publication (click here.) 

Of course, the Boat Club features access via a boat, whereas to get to Buzzy's you need a vehicle with wheels.  Something to think about though.

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